Remove Decals - Whizzy Wheel

Do you need to Remove Decals from a Car or Remove Decal from Car Window?

Then we have the answer for you…. the Whizzy Wheel

Hi, my name is Peter Nobbs, and here at the home of the Whizzy Wheel we have designed the fastest tool to remove decals and stickers. Our whole business is focused on making decal and sticker removal an easy.

To back this up – we have over 25+ years in combined experience in helping people and businesses remove decals, vinyl letters and stickers.

The below video demonstration shows how easy it is to remove Decals from the side of a an Auto. It works just aswell on glass or windows.

Whizzy Wheel – Decal removal from Car window
Whizzy Wheel – for Decal removal. The best way to remove decals from cars and vehicles. Guaranteed fastest way to remove decals

But what is Whizzy Wheel?

The Whizzy Wheel is our latest product we introduced in early 2013. After successfully using and selling the Wonder Wheel for years, we needed to “raise the bar” and find a faster way to remove Decals.

The answer – the Whizzy Wheel. It looks mean and performs even better for decal removal.

The Whizzy Wheel has the benefits of:

1. New design
Reduces heat build up by having grooves cut into the circumference
2. Increased width
There is more rubber contact on the surface. This removes the decal faster and makes it last longer
3. Larger diameter
The Whizzy Wheel is bigger than Wonder Wheel. You get more bang for your buck. (i.e. the Whizzy wheel lasts longer as is bigger)


Whizzy Wheel

The Whizzy Wheel easily attaches to a standard drill to remove decals

(And we give all our customer a money back guarantee -that’s how much faith we have in the Whizzy Wheel)

The Whizzy is made from soft rubber which means they are safe to use on almost all surfaces.

The Whizzy Wheel is Perfect for jobs where the decal has been baked on over many years. We get lots of enquiries regarding removing decals that have been baked on for 5, 10, 15+ years.

We have so much belief in our product that we provide a money back guarantee that the Whizzy Wheel will remove even the hardest of decals…

As the Whizzy Wheel will remove decals very quickly, its perfect for heavy duty jobs where traditional products don’t work. An example is how easy it will remove Decals that have been baked onto an Auto or a car, trucks and buses after years in the sun. The Whizzy Wheel quickly shreds it away with ease.

Who is this Product for – People like you who Want to Remove Decals quickly & easily?

The Whizzy Wheel are for you if you need a fast and time saving way to remove Stickers, Vinyl and Decals. Our top 8 users are:

  1. Remove Decals / Stickers and Vinyl from Auto’s, Cars, Windows and Signs
  2. SUV’s / Trucks: removing advertisements and company logo’s
  3. Boats: this one of our most popular applications. As a lot of boat are made from fibre glass which scratches so easily, the Wonder Blades plastic blade is perfect as easily removes the decal without scratching the surface
  4. RV’s / Campervans: remove Decals and the old stickers before touring in Spring and Summer
  5. Motorcycles: Remove decals and stickers on gas tanks. Also works a treat to remove decals from motor cycle helmets
  6. Basketball courts / wooden floors: remove Decals of team logo’s and sponsorship advertisements from the basketball floor
  7. Window cleaners: lots of our customers use the Wonderblade to remove gum, goo, bugs, insects and bird poo from windows
  8. Buses: remove gum and goo from the seats and floors, bugs off the windows and remove decals / stickers placed on the back of seats

We are very proud of how well the Whizzy Wheel remove decals and happy to share our customer success stories with you. Why is it Vital to Get the Whizzy Wheel Right Away?

Whether you need to remove big or small areas of Decals or Vinyl, the bottom line is the Whizzy is the ‘number 1’ product to get the job done.

And I encourage you to take a minute now and order the Whizzy Wheel. Because let’s face it if you don’t take action now you may forget to do so later…and then you will miss out on all the time and money to be saved by working so much more efficiently.

Given the amount of users who rave about the Whizzy Wheel, there is no doubt to its effectiveness. That is why we can offer such a strong guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, simply let us know what the problem was and return it for a full refund.

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Yes, we do provide a Full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to all our clients.

remove decals

Our goal here is to help you remove Decals and Stickers as easily and fast as possible.

We look forward hearing to how your successes in Decal removal

remove decals
Peter Nobbs
Chief ‘Decal Remover’ Officer

P.S. You will appreciate the time saved from using our Decal & Sticker Removal Wonder Wheel. So give yourself this reward.

P.P.S – check out our youtube channel for video’s to remove decals