100% Customer Satisfaction Decal Removal

What if you could Quickly and Easily ‘Whiz Away’ ANY Decal, Sticker, or Vinyl in only Minutes… with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Decal-tick Without gouging or scratching the paint work

Decal-tick Without touching toxic chemicals, or skin irritating adhesives

Decal-tick Without spending hundreds of dollars on pricey” equipment

Decal-tick Without damaging or harming the environment

Decal-tick Without wasting money on oomph-less removal sprays

Decal-tick Without tearing or wearing away your fingernails



Whizzy-Wheel-Decal-removal Introducing… The Powerful New Whizzy Wheel

Proven to be THEE most safe and effective way to remove old baked on decals, stickers, and vinyl, 100% GUARANTEED (or your money back)

It Will Easily Remove the Toughest, Hardest, Meanest Stickers and Decals

This Average Joe in the below video demonstrates how Whizzy Wheel effectively stimulates and loosens the cellular matter that’s keeping your decal indefinitely stuck using NEW Patented Technology.

Man, the two came in today and i wasted no time hooking the first unit up to the drill. I’ll say this, i removed 60% of the decal in about 30 minutes. The darn thing was amazing. I’ll finish up tomorrow.

Another thing, i was a little worried about what it would do to the paint, but there as absolutely no damage whatsoever, and it actually gave it a little big of a shine – really. Hey, the paint shop was going to charge me about $250 labor. Glad i found you online Peter. Later”

Craig – Oregan, USA


I used the wheel for the first time this past Saturday,2-18.Took off 94 ft of one and a half inch wide pin striping vinyl off of my boat in less than 2 hours.

This is absolutely a fantastic product. Thanks a lot”

Ted – NJ USA.

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Regardless of whether you’re in the lucrative decal removal business or simply want to eliminate baked-on ugliness from your car, home, camper, motorcycle, boat—or anything else. Hi many name is Peter Nobbs and if you’re reading this now I can guarantee I’ll help you discover the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to remove your impossible-to-remove decals, stickers, and vinyl with two proven, and innovative tools.

And you probably already realize that spending hours manually trying to “peel off” your car decals is far from your best option.

You’re facing sore muscles, painful fingernail beds, and the potential for cuts, chemical burns—or worse…by using old decal removal methods

You could work on trying to remove the decals and stickers using old methods, only to discover that your paint was gouged, scuffed, or scratched rendering all of your effort, your money, and your time—wasted.

Frustrating, isn’t it? We understand.

Before discovering the Whizzy Wheel we had more than 20 years of success helping people like you and I remove decals.

Now, we’ve upped our game—by allowing you to Whiz away stickers, and decals 25% faster in one-quarter the time, and (yes it’s 3x’s more durable so it lasts longer).

What are the (REAL) Reasons Whizzy Wheel is Setting a New Standard for Speed, and Performance?

Whizzy Wheel - Decal Removal made Easy It’s Cooler: Flow-more groove technology allows the heat to escape while the Whizzy Wheel effortlessly removes your most-stuck on stickers at up to 4000 RPM

It’s Wider:Hundreds more surface contact points makes for lightning-fast Decal and Sticker removal


It’s Bigger: Tested, and proven more durable—the Whizzy Wheel outlives the Wonder Wheel 3:1—there’s simply no comparison.


It’s so Easy to use the Whizzy Wheel – 4 Simple Steps for Decal Removal:

In fact, when you unpack your Whizzy Wheel this week, you’ll be ready to eradicate your stuck-on Decals and Stickers in 4 Simple Steps…

  • Step 1 Pull your Whizzy Wheel from its secure packaging.
  • Step 2 Pop the Whizzy Wheel onto your regular household drill using the arbour supplied.
  • Step 3 Place the Whizzy Wheel on any decal, sticker, or vinyl (up to 55 years old) and turn on the drill.
  • Step 4 Watch as your decals and stickers quickly vanish revealing a smooth, decal free surface.

Check out the before, during after photo’s where we easily removed this Decal in under 10 minutes

before-pic middle-pic after-pic

Most people tell us that removal jobs which used to take all day— are now easily achieved in less than ten – fifteen minutes.

So really, when you think about it, you don’t really have any alternatives, wouldn’t you agree?

We can automatically toss the painful thought of using your weakened fingernails out the bad-idea window, before their bloody at the nubb.

You could use decal “removal” spray, but (let’s be honest) you’re still using your fingernails to get down to the adhesive—before over-the-counter sprays will begin to work (and still not effectively).

A metal razor blade is what many people turn to first, forgetting that a razor blade gouges paint—and skin.

And while you may have a hair dryer or heat gun handy, you’ll spend hours scrubbing only to find out that the really tough jobs—ie. any decal that has spent a summer under the hot sun—will not come off.

Whizzy Wheel requires no special skill, tools, or chemicals to use. In fact, it saves you time at every turn. Setting it up requires that you unpack it and plug it it into your drill, just like a drill bit.

It works on all surfaces (except plastic).

The truth is that you could use the Whizzy Wheel to quickly and easily remove decals, stickers, or vinyl from any surface. Just think of how easily you could free up your time when you no longer have to remove…

The top 6 Whizzy Wheel uses to remove Decals and Stickers

Decal-tick Car Dealership Decals and Stickers – removed in only minutes

Decal-tick Advertisements or Logos from Company Trucks, Cars and SUV’s

Decal-tick Signage from Boat’s Delicate Fiberglass Surface—Without a Scuff or Scratch

Decal-tick Old Stickers Leaving Your Camper or RV’s Appearance By Whizzy Clean—and Ready for Spring

Decal-tick Team Logo’s and Sponsorship Advertisements from the Basketball Floors

Decal-tick Gum, goo, bugs, insects, and bird poo from bus seats, car windows, under tables, and so much more

Now that you’re thinking about it, you should know that you can use your Whizzy Wheel more than one time—even for larger jobs.


Get the Whizzy Wheel (31% Off Introductory Special)

Made of Rubber – Ideal for larger areas, and most surfaces.

Unpack, pop on the bit, and plug in your drill to eliminate every sticker, decal, and vinyl in your driveway. (Up to 4 full vehicles+)

Eliminates the time, hassle, and safety-challenges today when you buy now for just $29.

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100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Red Money Back Guarantee - Decal Removal

Our introductory special is not guaranteed to last forever, so please take advantage so that you can stop wasting precious time removing baked-on or brand new decal, sticker, or vinyl. Whether you choose the innovative, time-saving Whizzy Wheel, I know you’ll see great success in removing those unwanted decals, stickers, and vinyl.


Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

Peter Nobbs - Signature




P.S. Our policy on bulk orders has changed. If you realize that clearing decals, stickers, and vinyl from everything is a lucrative business, we’re here to help. Simply email peter@pacificwebb.com.au for bulk orders, letting us know the quantity and we will facilitate payment

PETER NOBBS_041-small1About Peter – Contact peter@pacificwebb.com.au or from USA call 011 61 421 001 613 or Australia 0421 001 613

Peter Nobbs is an expert Decal and Sticker removalist, whose family business been involved in the Decal and Sticker removal industry for over 20 years.With over 1,740 happy customers across 12 countries, Peter has helped people clear the world of unsightly Decals since moving his business online over 5 years ago.Google online profile





“hey mate the blade its the dogs bol######s havent used wheel yet but sure its ass good what a bit of kit an so easy to use regards pete”

Pete Buxey, 18 May



I would be more than happy for you to use my comment, I am actually quite chuffed really. Steven and I would like to thankyou again for your courtesy, and for just being a down to earth nice guy. You didn’t know us from a bar of soap and you posted the wheels off to us without receiving payment which was a very generous offer on your part. My brother’s name was ******, so how could you not be a nice guy. We have spread the word about your wonderful product and as we are in the car cleaning game I am sure that the word will spread quickly.

Thanks again and we will definitely be re-ordering before too long.

Take care


Lynne Hoare, 11 September


“Mr Nobbs,

I had my body guy order the parts. I hope he ordered them from you i mentioned your product by name. the work was excellent and he said he used the wheel. thank you for developing it.


daniel woodall

Daniel Woodall


“Hi Peter,

I just received your product, Wonder Blade, and I want to say THANK YOU ! I had asked so many people how to remove it and they all came down with one solution, hair dryer which will damage the car paint. But your products only take a few minutes! Now I can change decals any time and any style I want. Good luck at the business. I will definitely introduce your products around.

Best regards,

Brian Wai”

California, USA – Brian Wai, 23 February


I used the wheel for the first time this past Saturday,2-18. Took off 94 ft of one and a half inch wide pin striping vinyl off of my boat in less than 2 hours. This is absolutely a fantastic product.

Thanks a lot.

Ted Jarsen,


Ted Jarsen, 22 February 2012


Peter I used Your Plastic blade and a heat gun. It was very easy fo thke the decals off. After I used adhesive remover on a rag and wiped off the remaining adhesive. thank you very much for your blades

Ronald Louro,3 February



Thanks, we will see what turns up in the mail and I will let you know.

The wheel was terrific, I had large decals on all sides of a Mitsubishi van to remove – managed to get around 75% done before wearing down the wheel – was very easy compared to trying with a hair dryer and scraping. They had been of for around 5 years so were well baked on!!


Robert Keen, 10 October 2012


“Hi Peter,
The wonder blades work extremely well, took me about an hour to completely peel all the decals off my vehicle.
Thanks for your great service too,

Eric Briffa, 17 December 2011.


What else do our customers like about our innovative products?




Order the Whizzy Wheel – Special Discount 31% Off!

Special Rubber – Perfect for big areas and 99% of surfaces

Unpack and use right away (4 full vehicles+)

Saves your time, money and it’s 100% safe. When you buy now it’s only $29.

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