For a while now, you have been posting the image of your car on various classifieds with the aim of attracting a potential buyer, but nobody there is no interest in your car.

If this has been happening with the car you would like to sell, and maybe upgrade to a newer model, you have to realize that the car image you have been posting is not appealing to the potential buyers.

Currently, there are numerous online platforms with a horde of ways, through which you can improve the value of your car prior to selling.

Among the simplest and cost effective ways of improving the value of your car and make it more appealing to the potential buyers is to remove old decals and stickers that may be attached to the car body.

When applying stickers and decals, they may have appeared beautiful and appropriate at the time.

However, these stickers and decals age with time. This is mainly because of continued exposure to the sun. Removing the old decals and stickers from the surface of your car can increase your chance of selling your car.

Additionally, this simple technique can greatly increase the resale value of your car.

On average, car stickers and decal removal professionals charge about $50/hr for two to three hours worth of decals and sticker removal work. This  being the case, many car owners are on the lookout for the cheapest, safest and most appropriate method of removing such stickers and decals from the surface of their cars; hence increase their resale value.

If you are in this kind of predicament, read on to find out the most appropriate solution to this problem.

Having been in the stickers and decals removal business for a long period, I have come across car owners who have had to sell their cars for a price that is lower that their market value.

For instance, it is possible to lose up to 10 percent of the market value of a car, if the car has some ugly stickers and or decals on its body. Assuming that the car is worth $10,000, you will end up losing about $1,000.

It os for this reason that I recommend removing the decals and stickers on the surface of your car prior to advertising it. For instructions, videos and even testimonials on decals and sticker removal from the surface of cars, take a look at my  video removal demonstration videos.

Choose the Right Sticker Removal Tool

Before we move on, check out this Whizzy Wheel review by David – thanks so much for giving us some honest (and awesome) feedback – very kind to take the time

Having been in this business for a while, I know precisely what methods are ideal for removing stickers and decals from various surfaces. For example, the Whizzy Wheel is the perfect tool for removing car stickers and decals.

However, the Whizzy Wheel should not be sued for removing car decals and stickers, if the stickers/decals are on a plastic surface, such as the bumpers.

Again, the size of decals/stickers being removed will also influence your choice of the most appropriate removal tool. For instance, small stickers may be removed using plastic razor blades or the wonder blade, but this method is not appropriate for the comparatively large car stickers and decals.

The Whizzy wheel is among the best car sticker removal tools available today. This tool is appropriate for removing large stickers and decals from the surface of cars without leaving any residue behind.

For the best results while getting rid of decals and stickers on the metallic part of your car, you should make use of the Whizzy wheel. Here is how it is done:

  • Once you have purchased a good whizzy wheel, you should attach it to a home drill.
  • Start the drill and apply it gently to the decal or sticker surface.
  • Move the drill in a back-to-forth direction and watch the decals or stickers disappear from the car surface.

Having helped so many people, I am pretty sure that this car decal/sticker removal method will work for you too. In turn, you will improve the appearance of your car; hence attract more buyers and get the right price for it.

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