How to remove decals from stationary bicycles

January 21st 2015 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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The great thing about being able to run an online business that helps people across the Globe remove decals and stickers is the variety of customer enquiries we get.

Back in 2013 I lived in New York for most of the year and struck up some great friendships and helped out people who needed help taking off Decals.

Due to the weather, we find the northern hemisphere has the busiest months in Spring and end of Winter and people prepare their cars, SUV’s, and especially Campervans /RV’s for the tourist months. Whereas the southern hemisphere is on the opposite cycle.

Just this month I had a great chat with a customer who needs help taking off decals from stationary bicycles.

Now this may seem trivial, though stationary bicycles with decals are applied in a very different manner.

Most new bicycles that come with decals and stickers on them, already have a protective coat on them. This protective coat is used to protect the bike from the weather elements, especially moisture that causes rust. The downside is that you can not take off any bike decals unless you cut into the protective coat.

Stationary bikes are different as they are used indoors (it would be pretty hard to ride a stationary bike down the street) they do not have the protective coat. This means a tool like the whizzy wheel (see below) can be used to take them off.

This was a real pleasing for my new colleague based on the East Coast and makes the job so easy.

stationary bike with decal

(Note: this is not the Bike with the Decal discussed in this Blog)

Peter “Chief Decal Removal Officer” Nobbs

P.S – some good news is we now dispatch same day to the following countries with delivery in 3 – 5 working days. United States, Canada, United Kingdom (UK) and Australia. We can also express delivery next day. Just drop me a line at if you need immediate delivery (still process your order as usual, then I’ll fix it up)

For people outside those countries who need sticker and decal removal help. We ship to you guys aswell, with delivery being 8 – 12 working days

Celebrating 2014 – Whizzy Wheel Christmas Party Special

December 14th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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A short note to share with you a few Festive Happy Snaps from the Whizzy  team and the  Christmas Party.

This was the fifth Xmas party for Whizzy Wheel since setting up in 2007 (and yes we were party poopers initially and skipped on celebrating the festive season)

The runaway success has been the reach into Car Fleets this year with some great successes and feel good stories (yes I feel good when we have decal free cars)

Below are a few Xmas snaps for our party themed “Tropical living” at a local Mexican restaurant. It was held a bit earlier this year (November), with baby sitters booked in early…

whizzy wheel Xmas Party2013

Enjoy the Festive season and hope you get some time off and enjoy some good weather and relaxing days



Peter and the Team




P.S – next year we will be expanding the Xmas party and welcome suggestions to the theme

P.P.S – some pic below of prior xmas parties


Removing Car Decals from the Summer Heat

November 25th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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If you live in a hot climate, then there is bad news for removing car stickers

They become really bonded onto the surface in the summer heat.
What that means is that stickers become really hard to remove. The chemical structure of the adhesive changes overtime where the adhesive and sticker become bonded together.

This results in a situation where virtually all sticker removal tools will not work

The strategies to take off a car decal you could try (though won’t work on baked on decals are)

– Finger nails: forget it…. That method will just result in bloodied stubbed fingers

– Metal razor blade: wowow. Be careful here not to cut your fingers and the possibility to damage and scratch the paint work is just too buig

– Hair dryer: well this works if the decal is only a month or so old, though for baked on decals, it just doesn’t cut it

So I don’t want to bark up the old same saying, though they same repetition is the key to mastery.

The answer to removing car stickers is the Whizzy Wheel. It works because

1. Based on friction so regardless how old a sticker it, the whizzy wheel will remove it
2. Made of soft rubber – doesn’t affect paint work (for factory finished painted cars)
3. Wider: so works faster and lasts longer
4. Speed: spins at 2500 – 4000 rpm so gets job down.

If you want to see it in action, check out this page of ½ dozen situations of cars, windows, trucks having stickers removed


P.S – below is a Whizy Wheel 2014 Christmas photo collage. We do this every year. Celebrate a year of stickers being removed and happy customers worldwide


Best way to take off Stickers from a Van?

November 1st 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Best way to take off Stickers from a Van?

One aspect I love of being Chief Decal Removal Officer is every week I get calls about how we can help people take stickers off from their cars.

The main reason for this type of enquiry is often people have bought a 2nd hand van, that previously had another companies advertising stickers on the side, and they need to remove them

(and if you want to know how to get rid of that ghosting effect, you can skip to the end of the blog)

This week, we had a chap from Broadmeadow who needed to take stickers off their van. It was the usual scenario when the standard sticker removal techniques were used, but with no success

To save you the time, you can rule out any of the below approaches, if your decal has been baked onto your car for more than 2+ years.

So what does NOT work

1. Fingernails. Okay, this may work for those flimsy stickers your kid puts on the side of his bed, though any heavy duty van sticker, this just won’t work
2. Metal razor blades; this will work on glass and windows to take off stickers, but we do not recommend on painted surfaces as it’s easy to damage the paint work
3. Chemicals or spray’s: these are great at cleaning the surface once the sticker has been removed, though does not work well in actually removing the stickers
4. Hair dryer: this has mixed results and on new stickers it works quite well, though on old baked on stickers that are cracked and worn out, it doesn’t work (check out below video of the hair dryer working. This is a really new sticker)

So the proven way to take off van stickers is the Whizzy Wheel. The reason it works is

a. It uses friction to take off the van sticker, so regardless of how old the sticker is, even baked on, you can easily take it off
b. It’s made of soft rubber, so won’t affect the paint work on your car (assuming it’s factory finish paint work).
c. Speed: the Whizzy Wheel turns at around 2,500 – 4,000 rpm’s which means the sticker literally flies off the surface (check out the video below to see it in action)
d. Width: the Whizzy Wheel is about 2 inches (5 centimetres wide) so makes taking off stickers a very fast task

Impromptu plug

Now pardon interrupting the flow of this blog, though I just remembered an email I got the other week which I have copied and pasted below – these are the types of emails that make me smile all day

“My name is Jonathan Langston and I’m located in Atlanta, GA USA. I came across your video on YouTube and decided to give the Whizzy Wheel a try to use at my current company. Honestly, I didn’t really get my hopes up too much and really thought this would be another false advertised waste of money. Well, I can honestly say that I was very, very wrong. This is one of the few products I’ve seen that actually does what it claims to do.”
Now that my big ego has calmed down after getting a great email like that, I want to let you know that if you need to remove any type of car sticker or decal, then the Whizzy Wheel is the must have

We 100% stand by this guarantee and if you have any concerns that the Whizzy Wheel does not work like in the video’s, drop me a line at and I’ll instantly refund you.

Being candid, we have sold 3,000+ whizzy wheels in the last couple of years and 99.9% of people who we hear from just love.

We would love to help you take off your car or van sticker so please drop me a line (+61 421 001 613) or try the whizzy wheel today and enjoy the benefits of a sticker free van

Peter “Chief Decal Removal” Officer

P.S – if you want to get rid of the ghosting effect (i.e. the effect that it looks like there is still the sticker on your van, then its easy.

Mining Trucks and Cars – How to Get them Clean of Car Stickers?

October 25th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Recently we had a phone call from Jeremie whose business (electicial) was located in the mining area just outside of Mackay

Now this part of the world is wealthy in minerals though is very tough climate – with the temperature being 100+ fahrenheit or (over 40 degress)

What this means is that the stickers on car vehicles become bonded very tightly to the surface. This results in:

– Stickers being very hard to remove

– Car stickers becoming cracked and hard to remove using standard approach of
o fingernails
o heat gun
o prey (to the whichever God you believe/ not believe in)

What we found is the best and only way to remove a car sticker that has been really baked on is via the whizzy wheel.

The whizzy works by being different to any other car sticker removal solution on the market. The process is very simple

1. Connect a whizzy wheel to a standard drill using the arbor
2. Turn on the drill to approx. 2,500-4000 rpm’s
3. Slowly move the whizzy wheel back and forth across the decal
4. Crack a beer or favourite celebration food to toast your good work

Now the reason the whizzy wheel removes stickers so easily as it uses friction to wear away the sticker

It’s made of soft rubber so will not damage the painted surface and works wonders on car and truck windows.
We sometimes find there is adhesive or glue left on the car surface where the sticker once was.

To help remove this, we suggest use citrus degreaser (much cheaper and more effective than goo off) to clean the surface.

Remember, if you are re-applying a sticker, make sure the surface is wash thoroughly and any citrus degreaser is cleaned off. Otherwise, it will be hard to get the new stickers to stick onto the car surface

If you have any questions, (this blog started due to a customer calling us and working out a solution to his mining sticker removal situation), then please drop me a line at or call +61 421 001 613 to see how we can help.

We have helped over 3,000+ customers remove stickers and decals from all situations and even if the Whizzy Wheel is not the best solution for your situation, we shall work out a way to help

(and yes, the below image is of a mining truck that has decals, though it’s a lego model…. Checking who is paying attention).


How to have a car free of crystal like stickers?

October 19th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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This week I had a call from a lady who needed to remove car stickers that had crystals (made by 3M) on them… well not real crystals.

It was a phone conversation so I could not see the actual car sticker, though it’s similar to the below picture


Until the sticker removal phone call, I had not heard of car stickers that had crystals attached to them. Apparently they are very popular now, though you want to get them place on your car correctly as need a different approach to remove.

Now to 99% of our customers, I recommend the Whizzy Wheel to remove stickers and decals from the majority of surfaces as just works so well.

You can see from the car sticker removal video how well it works

Now back to our scenario of removing stickers that had crystals on them from a car.

The Whizzy Wheel is not appropriate as it works by wearing away a car sticker through friction and it peels off (the best way is via watching the video)

The reason we did not recommend it is the crystals could mark the surface when being peel off as theWhizzy Wheel rotates at 2500-4000 rpm (and yes we are being conservative as we did not get to see the application in real life, rather had a phone call to understand the situation)

NOTE: if the scenario was a normal car sticker to remove, then we would 100% recommend the Whizzy Wheel as find it by far the BEST way to remove car sticekrs

The way we helped, is that recommended a very slow and steady approach to remove the crystal car sticker

Step 1:

  • Purchase a plastic razor blade that has a sharp/ angled edge, but will not damage the paint

Step 2:

  • Go to your local hardware store and get some Citrus Degreaser to take off the adhesive or glue that maybe left on the surface

Now you have your tool, we recommend this approach

  1. Spray the sticker edges thoroughly with Citrus Degreaser
    1. If possible, perforate the surface so the Citrus Degreaser can really get under the sticker
  2. Take the plastic blade and slowly guide the edge under the sticker lip
  3. Spray more Citrus Degreaser under the lip where the sticker has started to come off

Repeat steps 1 – 3 until the job is finished

What we don’t recommend

As this job is on a painted surface a metal razor blade is definitely no usable due to the potential to damage the painted surface

Alternative Approaches

As the crystal car sticker was made with lettering from 3M(well that’s what the customer told us), using a hair dryer to remove car stickers may not be suitable due to the strength of the sticker.

Usually the hair dryer approach to removing car stickers works for very small stickers, that do not have a strong adhesive

How we can help

Our business is removing decals and stickers from all types of surfaces and we always love the opportunity to helpPlease drop me a line on + 61 421 001 613 or with any sticker removal questions


P.S – if you want to see want citrus degreaser looks like, check out the link

Removing decals and stickers from an Airstream (caravan)

October 11th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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This week we had an enquiry on how best to remove decals and stickers from an Airstream (and for those non Americans, that means caravan).

To help our friendly customer we suggested taking the below approach to taking off stickers and decals from his Airstream.

The good news is that as Airstreams are made from aluminium, it makes for an ideal surface to take off the stickers.

Aluminium, unlike plastic is easy to remove stickers from and using a Whizzy Wheel is a guaranteed solution for making the airstream have zero decals left on the surface.

The other goods news is that the retro design of Airstream (recreational vehicles) is coming back into fashion, making them even more popular.

So here is our advise to taking off stickers from an Airstream

**** email to customer ****

 In relation to helping your decal / sticker removal job, below are some tips that may help

  • Start from the outside of the sticker and work your way inwards
  • Ensure you move the whizzy wheel back and forth across the surface to ensure the sticker comes off more easily
  • Please use an electric drill, rather than a cordless drill as works a lot better
  • Once the stickers have been removed, if there is any adhesive or glue left over, the best (and most economical product) to clean the surface is Citrus Degreaser (this link is just to show what it looks like as Home Depot is USA based). You can get some from your local hardware store for about $10-20/ bottle
  • If you need to re-apply any stickers, make sure you wash the surface with soapy water then dry, to remove any citrus degreaser or dirt

removing stickers from caravan Airstream

(and yes this Airstream image is taken from the good old “yester-years”…. Well before my time)

And for you Airstream buff’s here 11 Airstream facts we found online


Now if you have read this far, you must be very keen on removing stickers or decals from your Airstream/ caravan/ recreational vehicle.

The good news is we are here to help. We have helped 2560+ people remove decals for all types of situations and if you have a questions or query about the best way to remove stickers from any surface, then let us know today

We are contactable on for any questions on removing stickers or call +61 421 001 613 for urgent questions.



(P.S if you want to start today and remove decals from your airstream, then you will be very happy with the result)


How to Easily Remove Bumper Stickers

October 3rd 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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You maybe in the situation where you need to remove a bumper sticker from your car due to:

– Bought a 2nd hand car that has a lot of bumper stickers on it
– Bought a “Obama” or “Bush” political bumper sticker and now changed your outlook on life
– Put on a funny bumper sticker such as “If it’s rocking, don’t bother knocking” which was funny when you were single, though not appropriate now

Bumper Stickers

lot of bumper stickers
To remove the bumper sticker, there are a few options and need to need check the surface type of your bumper to know what solutions work best.

The type of bumpers on most car’s are

1. Factory finished painter bumper
2. Plastic/ exposed bumper
3. Metal or aluminium bumper

clean black bumper
Metal Bumper no stickers

Factory finished painter bumper

Cars built in the last 5+ years, generally have bumpers that have the factory finish paint, rather than the older style, “black bumpers” that were made from a plastic compound
The good news is that factory finish bumpers can use the following techniques to remove stickers

1. Hair dryer
Great option if you are low on funds and the sticker is relatively new. Older bumper stickers that have been baked on in the sun won’t remove easily when using a hair dryer. This option definitely works well on new bumper stickers, but not old ones

2. Plastic razor blade
This sometimes works, though the issue here is if the adhesive is bonded on strongly, the bumper sticker does not peel off easily.
Plastic razor blades work better on stickers that have been stuck on the inside of a car window, such as registration stickers

3. Whizzy Wheel
Okay – we do sell this and it’s the best way we find to take off bumper stickers. It works in minutes and often takes off a lot of the adhesive/ glue aswell.

The only downside is it costs money though definitely does the best job and the fastest tool

Plastic/ exposed bumper

The black bumper is most common amongst cars from the 1980’s to early 2000’s. They are designed to be able to take a few knocks and scratches and the marks are not as obvious as if on paint work.

Due to these bumpers often being made of plastic, we don’t recommend using a hair dryer or whizzy wheel.
The heat from the hair dryer can warp the plastic and the whizzy wheel, even though made of soft rubber, may affect the plastic
In this situation the safest solution is plastic razor blade as though slower, it won’t affect the surface.

Metal or aluminium bumper

These are the easiest bumper stickers to remove as you have more options to work with.
We suggest using the whizzy wheel as the first option or hair dryer (if have some patience) as the back-up approach
The good news, as the bumper is made of metal or aluminium, there is little chance of damaging the surface as it’s a sturdy surface.

Take Action in removing the bumper sticker

In summary, removing bumper stickers can be fairly easy as you have 3 tools to chose from. The Whizzy Wheel, Hair Dryer or Plastic razor blade.

If there is any glue left over on your bumper bar once the sticker has been removed, we recommend using some citrus degreaser.
It fairly cheap at around $10 / bottle and is fantastic at taking off any adhesive

** A little history about us **

Here Decal Sticker Remover HQ, we love helping people take off stickers from their bumpers.
We have over 20+ years experience in removing stickers so would love to help you in our quest to remove unsightly decals from every bumper bar across the North / South America, Europe and Asia

If you have any sticker removal questions or need help removing stickers, please contact me via and we would love to help. (we even love giving free tips on how to best tackle your job)

Note: we have ruled out using a metal scraper or razor blade due to the dangers of cutting yourself when removing a bumper sticker

What are the best sticker removal tools for taking off car stickers?

September 4th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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If you haven’t removed stickers from a car before, then it can be a task that isn’t much fun….

The good news is, even if you have a car with some old retro stickers on it, that you want to remove, then I can explain the best sticker removal tools

car with some old retro stickers


I’ll split this blog about the best sticker removal tools into two parts. Ways to do it for free or low cost, and the paid version.

Before we get started, there are a few variables that impact the way car stickers can be removed.

Factors affecting Car sticker removal

1.       Age

Generally car stickers that have been on the surface less than 12 months are much easier to remove, then stickers that have been on for years.

The reason, once a car sticker is on the surface for more than 12 months, and out in the weather, it becomes bonded onto the surface and much harder to remove.

Generally, hot weather is the main culprit of making stickers hard to remove. The heat makes the adhesive in the sticker bond to the surface, making it very hard to remove

2.       Quality of the car sticker


Generally there are two types of car stickers to remove

  1. a.       Small Car stickers, such as bumper stickers as in the below picture

These are an unknown when it comes to removing due to the inconsistency of the adhesive quality.

Some of these stickers are made in the USA, though a lot are made in China, where the adhesive quality can vary from good to very poor.

What this means is when it comes to removing these bumper style stickers, you may get situations where the adhesive is very poor quality and really sticks to the surface. This makes it harder to remove the sticker, even if it’s less than 12 months old

harder to remove the sticker


  1. b.      Professional stickers used in car advertising

Generally professional installed car stickers that are used for advertising use a reliable sticker/ vinyl lettering from 3M.

The good news is that the quality of adhesive is reliable and using the most appropriate sticker removal tool will get the job done quite easily (if you want a sneak peak, check out this video for removing car stickers).

This means, if you have a job to remove car stickers that have, for example 3M vinyl lettering, then you can be fairly confident of being able to get the job done with little fuss

3M vinyl lettering

  1. c.       Reflective

The outliner to all these scenario’s is reflective car stickers. These are the type used on police and ambulances, that shine when at night when a light is shone on them.

This style of car sticker is much thicker than usual car stickers and takes a lot of time to remove. The job or removing reflective car stickers can be achieved, though expect to take 2 – 3 times longer than the average job

 removing reflective car stickers


The Best Sticker Removal Tools


  1. 1.       Free Option

Okay, if you have plenty of time and prefer to save a few bucks, rather than getting the stickers off your car more quickly, then there are a few options that cost next to nothing

  1. Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

If you have access to a hair dryer or heat gun, you can use this to remove a car sticker. The basic approach is that by heating the sticker, the adhesive becomes more like jelly and loses its bond between the sticker and the surface.

What you need to do is

  1. Clean the surface of any dirt or grime
  2. Turn on the hair dryer and slowly move it back and forth across the sticker, about 6-12  inches or 15 – 30 centimetres from the surface
  3. After the sticker warms up, slowly start to peel off the sticker

If you have a plastic scraper, it makes the job much easier to remove the car sticker

plastic scraper

  1. Plastic Scraper

This method only works on newer car stickers where the bond between the sticker and the car has not bonded yet. It works by getting under the lip of the car sticker and slowly removing it.

Our opinion, the plastic scraper is best used in combination with a hair dryer, rather than by itself

FYI –  plastic scraper can be bought for under $5 from your local home depot or hardware store

Note: the above free (or low cost) sticker removal tools definitely work on newer stickers, though any car with car stickers more than a few years old, or been out in the sun, WILL HAVE LITTLE SUCCESS using the Hair Dryer.

The reason being, the adhesive can’t be heated to turn into a gelly structure, as over time, it has bonded to the surface and turned into a cement like state. This means the only feasible way to take off the sticker is via Whizzy Wheel

  1. 2.       Sticker Removal Tools (paid options)


  1. a.       Car Sticker Removal Professional


These are small businesses that come around and remove your car stickers for you. They usually charge between $30-75 / hour and for some reason, seem to have a minimum charge of 2 hours work. This is to cover their call out fee.

They use a mix of products to remove car stickers, including heat guns, plastic scrapers, whizzy wheels and citrus degreaser

The upside of using these guys is they also leave the surface looking very clean by taking off any left over adhesive. They usually use a product such as citrus degreaser that is great at getting off any left over glue or adhesive.

If you are short on time, and money is and cost is a secondary priority, these type of guys are fantastic. Usually expect to spend between $60 – $250 to have your car stickers taken off, depending on the size of the job

  1. b.      Whizzy Wheel


It may seem bias, though this is the best car sticker tool on the market to take off car stickers.

It’s a soft rubber wheel, that connects to any standard drill and quickly takes off the car sticker when apply to the surface. The way it works is by

  1. Attach the Whizzy Wheel to a standard drill using the arbor that comes supplied with the Whizzy Wheel
  2. Turn on the drill to approx. 2500-4000 rpm
  3. Moving the Whizzy Wheel back and forth across the sticker as it’s quickly removed


A lot of people use the Whizzy Wheel after unsuccessfully trying to take off a car sticker using a Hair Dryer. The wheel really works best and proves itself when taking off very old car stickers that have been baked on.

The below video shows it in action – easily taking off an old car sticker

Here at we love helping people remove car stickers and letting you make the choice about what is the best car sticker removal tool

If you want to use the whizzy wheel, then fantastic and we will love shipping one out to you asap.

If you just need some car sticker removal advice, then we are happy to help aswell. Please drop us a line at or call me personally on 00 11 61 421 001 613 (or 0421 001 613 if in Australia)

We help people from all over the world to remove car stickers, with the majority of our customer being in the United States (Texas and Florida), Canada, Europe, New Zealand and plenty in Australia


Peter Nobbs

Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

How to take off stickers from a bicycle?

August 29th 2014 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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This week I had an interesting email about removing stickers from 10,000+ bicycles.


removing stickers from bicycles


It’s not everyday you get an email enquiry like this where you need to assist in such a big task so I’ll share with you our insights if you are in this situation (well in the situation of needing to remove stickers from a single bicycle)

Before you remove a sticker from a bicycle, you need to know the following high level overview of options. This is an extract from an email with a client we are helping find the best solution to take off the decals….

***** email extract to customer *****

Heat gun works, though generally fairly slow, unless the stickers are really new and come off easy. Not the fastest method


Whizzy Wheel will work on the frame (and not damage it), though as it’s a bicycle, it’s hard to tell as manufacturer’s paint quality varies (FYI – Whizzy Wheel works fantastically on factory finish car paint work)

The lacquerer may prove time consuming to remove the decals, and best to trial a few ideas.

Quick options 

1.       Trail a Whizzy Wheel. As a goodwill gesture, we will pay for the postage Note: we don’t recommend the Whizzy Wheel on plastic surfaces

2.       Buy a plastic scarper blade from your local hardware store. These range from a few dollars upwards. Plastic scrapers won’t damage the paint surface

3.       To clean the frames once the stickers has been removed, use some citrus degreaser to remove any left over adhesive


Now back to the question of removing bicycles stickers.



Protective Lacquer Coating

Most bicycles that are worth over say $1,000 generally have a lacquer coating. This is too protect the bicycle frame from the outdoor elements.

If your bicycle has a lacquer coating (you can tell by there is no lip/ or edge to the sticker), then no product will take the sticker off, until you remove the lacquer.

To remove the lacquer, you generally need a sharp blade such as a metal razor blade, to cut the lacquer to get access to the sticker.

Generally, the stickers are easy to remove once the sticker is exposed as the adhesive used is quite low strength. Usually a plastic scraper or even metal blade is enough to get the sticker off the bicycle frame.

If the sticker is larger and takes up the whole frame, you probably want something faster such as a whizzy wheel, though if you have some patience, a plastic blade will also do the job.

After you have taken off the sticker, it is recommended to reapply a clear lacquer coating to make sure the frame is protected from the weather. If you don’t, then the frame may be open to having rust build up


Bicycle Sticker on outside of Coating (or No Coating on frame)

This is a fairly straight forward job and no special tool is needed outside a basic razor blade or plastic scraper.

We don’t usually recommend a metal blade due to the ability to cut yourself and also damage the paint work, though we assume the paint work on your bicycle is not as “precious” as the paint work on your car.

Cleaning the Surface

If you use a blade (plastic or metal) to take off the sticker and not a Whizzy Wheel, there will usually be some adhesive or glue left on the surface.

This needs to be removed as otherwise it will acquire dirt and grime and look fairly unattractive. We recommend Citrus Degreaser or an environmentally friendly alternative is Eucalypts oil.

Note: if there is a sticker on a plastic part of the bicycle such as a mud guard, we do not recommend using a Whizzy Wheel as it can affect the plastic.

You also need to be careful using citrus degreaser on any plastic surface to clean an area where a sticker had been, due to it potentially affecting the plastic material. After about 5 minutes of Citrus Degreaser being left of some plastics, it can affect the surface.


Our speciality at is removing stickers and decals from cars, trucks, glass surfaces and plastic signs.

We don’t often get enquiries to take off stickers from bicycles, though always open to helping our people who need assistance.

How we can Help

We have recently helped a few clients in scenario’s where 200+ vehicles and trucks needed stickers and decals removed and we supplied some trial wheels to prove it’s the best tool for bulk decal removal.

If you have a job coming up that needs a large number of stickers removed, please contact us via

If you are just interested in learning about the best way to take off stickers or the best sticker removal tool, then also feel free to drop us a line.

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How to Remove Car Dealership Decals?

Welcome to the Car Decal Removal VIP Club!


Closing thoughts

Generally we find the majority of jobs that require stickers to be removed is fairly straight forward when the stickers have been on the surface less than 12 months.

Removing stickers from bicycles is slightly different due to the nature of having a lacquer applied in some situations.

As a guide, we recommend using

-          Non sharp items such as a plastic razor blade over a metal blade. Often a plastic scraper as shown below can be sourced from most hardware stores

-          Use a product to clean the surface once the decal has been removed. Otherwise dirt is attracted and sticks on the surface and can be much harder to remove later

-          If new stickers need to be applied, use soapy water to clean the surface, then wash with tap water to ensure the surface is clean and ready for the new sticker

 sticker remover

“I’ve found that nothing removes old stickers from your car windows like the Wonder Wheel.

Philip Clark

The result, two tools specifically designed to remove Decals and Vinyl Stickers, .

Whizzy Wheel: made of soft rubber and perfect for large areas

Wonder Blade: made of plastic and designed for small, more detailed areas
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