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Remove old Truck and Bus Decals

How to Remove Old Stickers from Trucks and Buses With the many years of experience that I have in the signage business, I have received lots and lots of enquiries about how to remove stickers and decals from company trucks and buses without damaging the surface. I can honestly say that I have found an [...]

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Remove Decals from Wall

How to Remove Decals from a Wall without Causing Damage to the Wall Regardless of what you may have heard from various sources, it is actually possible to remove decals from the internal walls of your house without having to damage the wall or the paint work. A good number of home owners today are [...]

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How to remove stickers from public signs

Everyone is planting advertisements on public signage these days...posters, flyers..and even stickers. The former are easy to remove but the latter can present somewhat of a challenge. You may have tried to pry them off with your fingernails to no avail..only to leave you annoyed as you stare at your chipped fingernails. What if I [...]

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How to Remove Stickers from Car Windows

Eventually we all have to face the annoying process of removing stickers from car windows, whether it’s to replace them with new stickers or simply because we got bored with them and need a change. I’m sure that in the process of doing so you’ve either broken or chipped a fingernail or cut yourself with [...]

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How to remove sticker and decals from Motorcycles and Motor bikes

Your motorcycle or motor bike is your pride and joy, so of course you don’t want to cause any harm to your precious ride when trying to remove a decal. You’ve invested time and money on your chopper so you don’t want to harm the fender, paint job or gas tank. I’m sure you’ve tried [...]

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How to save $178 when removing your shop decal windows

Are you tired of spending massive amounts of money removing your decals from your storefront? Or spending an entire day trying to pry off the stickers with your fingers? Or worse yet, a sharp razor blade? No one wants to waste precious sales times peeling their company logo and sale stickers from their store shop [...]

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How long does a whizzy wheel last and for what jobs is it recommended?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Whizzy Wheel but you have NO idea what it even is or why it’s quickly becoming one of the top selling products in the automotive industry. What does it do? How long does it last? Is it worth the investment? I can answer all of the above.   I developed [...]

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How to save the environment when removing car stickers

So you have a whole bunch of stickers to remove from your car, but don’t know where to start…. You may be environmentally conscious and don’t want to use any toxic adhesive sprays that damage the environment and also can cause a red rash on your hands. I sometimes hear people are afraid to remove [...]

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How not to be fooled by tools that don’t work when removing stickers

If your car has a big old ugly decal that needs removing, then it’s time to remove them You realise your car will look a lot better but you may not know the right way to easily get rid of the decal You may be afraid to use a window scraper or metal razor blade [...]

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How to not waste an entire Saturday removing stubborn stickers from your car’s glass window

Ever wonder if there’s an easier way to pry those pesky decal stickers from your car window? Sure, a few years ago that “Party Gal On Board” or “Surfer Dude On Board” sticker seemed really cool, but now that you’re a Dad with a family and kids, it’s time to grow up and get rid [...]

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