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How to Remove a Clear Car Bra BMW Mercedes

Hi Jim Thanks for the enquiry and love to help For the clear bra, it's best to start with a hair dryer on one of the corners to try and peel an edge off, working on a 45 degree angle. Sometimes the clear car bra can come off in long strips if its not too [...]

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How to Remove Car Decals without Chipping Your Fingernails

Ok, so you’ve just started a new job and you have decided to officially “adult” and remove that juvenile “Honk if you are Horny” decal from your car before you start your sales job in the real world. But you don’t want to wear away your fingers by trying to peel off the decal. No [...]

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How to find the best way to remove stickers from your car without damaging your fingernails

Ever try to remove one of those obnoxious decals from your vehicle and you end up messing up your fingernails? You know the decals I’m talking about, right? The ones that say “Bodybuilder on Board” or “Proud Mother of an Honor Student.” Sure, they looked cool at first, but now that you’re about to start [...]

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How to Remove Reflective Stickers from Ambulances

Chris, You have a fun and challenging sticker removal job ahead of you. Reflective vinyl on Ambulances is very different to standard car stickers and much harder to remove as uses a thicker material and stronger adhesive. The whizzy wheel will do the job, though wear down a lot more due to the thickness and toughness [...]

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Easiest Way to Remove Boat Stickers and Decals

This week I had a great chat with Michael who ran a Boat Slipway At least once per month he has to remove stickers from a boat and recently saw our Whizzy Wheel in action, easily taking off boat stickers. This week he had a massive catamaran that he was maintaining and need the stickers [...]

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Fastest and Easiest ways to Remove Car Stickers in Minutes

Today we explain the fastest and easiest ways to Remove Car Stickers in Minutes… Check out the car sticker video, then read the step by step instructions below   gouging or scratching the paint work touching toxic chemicals, or skin irritating adhesives spending hundreds of dollars on “pricey” equipment damaging or harming the environment wasting [...]

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Removing old baked on Stickers from 4WD’s

The most common question we get at decal removal headquarters is how to remove baked on old stickers from 4wd’s It seems that the toughest and hardest stickers to remove, are those baked on from 100+ degree heat. (and maybe that is why we get so many orders from California for people wanting to remove). [...]

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Your Thoughts on our New Decal Removal Website

Dear Decal Removal Followers, This week I am opening up about the behind the scenes action of removing car decals and stickers. For a quick background, our family business installed and removed vinyl signs, stickers and decals from all types of surfaces. Since my father sold up (and retired), we moved online, and focus solely [...]

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A Small Favour – Whizzy Wheel now on Amazon

A Small Favour to Ask - please write a review of the Whizzy Wheel on Amzon   Hey there, Today’s Decal Blog is a short note about a request we sent out to our 1000’s of prior customers to help our launch of the Whizzy Wheel on Amazon   **** check it out below *** [...]

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School Buses – Fastest Way to Take Off Stickers

The yellow school bus is an iconic vehicle and crucial part of getting millions of kids to school everyday.   Often the school buses end up in foreign countries such as Guatemala as part of the public transportation system. I experienced this a few years ago, when travelling through Central America.   Sometimes these yellow [...]

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