Remove Decals From Sportbikes Within Minutes

May 29th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Some people ride sportbikes for recreation, while for some it is buy online viagra phentermine xanax their ultimate passion.

If you are one of those who love to experience the adrenalin rush while riding a sportbike through the rough terrains and feel the wind in your hair then you have come to the right place.

In this post we are going to discuss…

How to remove decals from your sportbike to give it a cleaner and smarter look?

Although putting decals and stickers on bikes is a great way to enhance the appearance of the bike and add more style to it, sometimes these decals become very stubborn and difficult to get rid of.

Whether you have inherited a bike from your elder brother or bought a new one with unwanted decals on it, or you simply wish to remove the stickers and adhesive, we have the right solution for you.

First off you must remember that removing decals from your favorite sportbike is very tricky as you don’t want to damage the finish or paint.

You would also not like to leave the ugly adhesive stains that will attract dirt and spoil the overall look of your bike, don you?

Don’t try peeling the decals with your nails or using any sharp substances such as a knife or fork to remove the decals as this will worsen the situation.

I’m sure this makes you wonder – how can you remove decals without peeling them? Well, the answer is very simple. Stop wondering, tamsulosin interaction viagra and use the Wonder products. This is fantastic solution for removing decals and stickers from sportbikes, cars, trucks, buses, SUVs, window, and glasses within just a few minutes.

There are two Wonder product specially created to remove decals from vehicles – Wonder Blade and Wonder Wheel.

The Wonder Blade works well for the nhs prices viagra uk delicate jobs such as removing the small sized decals and stickers from bikes and motorcycles. It has a plastic blade which ensures that the paint or finish is not damaged while removing the decals.

In this YouTube video you can see how the Wonder Blade has been used to neatly remove the decals/ stickers without any adhesive glue left on the surface.

For the large sized decals you can use the Wonder Wheel which is made of soft rubber. This decal removal tool works like magic to cialis overnight shipping usa pharmacy remove the stickers as well as the glue without any damage to the surface. The biggest advantage of using the Wonder Wheel is that it helps you get rid of the unwanted decals within minutes.

So no more acids or heat guns, here’s an easy to use and generic viagra gel simple tool that helps you remove decals and get going.

The Wonder Wheel has also been tested on the toughest of decals that have been baked under the sun for years, and it has successfully removed them with the surface looking so clean, as if it never had a decal there.

Watch this YouTube video to see how to remove decals using the Wonder Wheel. Get started today!

Decals on Sportbikes

Decals on Sportbikes

Launch of new Decal removal site

May 23rd 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Hey there,

Goods news for the end of May….
We have launched a new site with loads more video’s to help people remove Decals and Stickers. (and let me know if the sound over music is too cheesy – see the 2nd video on the site)

As a thank you – we would like to send you a Free Wonder wheel valued at $34.90, when you order any product before 31 May 2012 (visit
Just place an order and send an email to with “Free Wheel” in the subject line.

Anyway, we are really excited by the new site and enjoying the extra emails and enquiries we are receiving.
Speak to you soon


Decal removal website launch party

Decal removal website launch party

Spread Smiles With Funny Car Decals/ Stickers

May 22nd 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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I’m sure you have seen cars with funny decals or stickers having hilarious captions that make you smile, or at times laugh your guts out. The funny stickers are popular with kids and youngsters as they are a good source of amusement for them and for the onlookers too.

Some of the hilarious car decals come with outstanding quality and superior designs which promise to spread smiles and make people go rolling with laughter.

Installing these funny car decals and stickers are easy as they are self adhesive, and you don’t have to worry about your car paint getting damaged when you have to remove decals because Wonder Wheel can take care of that.

The Wonder Wheel is an amazing car decal sticker remover tool having soft edges so that the decals come off quickly without scratching or damaging the paint.

Coming back to the funny car decals, they are also considered as an incredible marketing and advertising tool because of their high accessibility.

The funny stickers and decals appeal to a wide audience, and your messages get delivered without fail. In this way, the decals become an effective marketing/ promotional tool while the vehicle becomes your salesman.

Remember that no one likes to read a boring or obvious message. No one wants to know how cool you or your vehicle is. But yes, when you display a really hilarious message, your potential customers are sure to take notice and read every bit of the information provided.

The funny stickers actually help you reach out to your customers, entertain them and inform or remind them about your company. As a result of their high accessibility and effectiveness, the demand for funny decals and stickers has gone up and they are viewed as a valuable marketing tool.

They work like billboards on the move, and can be installed at anywhere on the body of the car, bumper and windows. However be careful that the stickers do not hinder your ability to view properly while driving. In some states, you might be ticketed for installing car decals/ stickers improperly.

Besides working as a good marketing tool, the funny car decals/ stickers also display the artists’ creativity. Some people love to use the most unusual or funniest decals to grab attention and stand out among the crowd. It adds a personality and charm to your vehicle.

These funny stickers will tickle many funny bones on the street and make your car popular and thus you can also use them for entertainment purpose.

When installing decals, always make sure that you use the high quality vinyl stickers/ decals. They not only look bright and beautiful, but removing the good quality decals is also comparatively easier.

With the use of Wonder Wheel you can easily remove decals on any surface within minutes and without damaging the paint. The Wonder Wheel can be used for removing large decals from cars, trucks, SUVs etc. For the delicate jobs, you can use the Wonder blade decal removal tool made of plastic.

Funny Car Decals

Funny Car Decals

Two Popular Car And Boat Decals/ Stickers

May 22nd 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Decal removal for Cars and Boats

Vinyl auto and boat decals are becoming increasingly popular these days, and it’s not difficult to see why. These stylish decals and stickers can jazz up your vehicles and add your personal taste to it. What’s more?

They are highly durable too, and when installed properly, it stays on for years. However, while installing auto and decals on your vehicle, you must be really careful and make sure that no air bubbles are trapped in. If you put them properly, decal removal also become relatively easy.

There are several durable and easily removable car decals stickers available in the market (that makes decal removal a piece of cake). The durability of these auto decals is chiefly because of the high quality materials that they are made of.

The vinyl decals are wither made from the finest exterior vinyl which is die-cut; or the white adhesive vinyl which are digitally printed using UV resistant inks.

If you are looking for car and boat stickers then there are two popular types of decals/ stickers available – the angel decals and the animal stickers. Here we will briefly describe these decals so that you know which to choose for your cars and boats. Just remember, at some stage you will probably need to instil decal removal so try select a decal that can be removed eaisly

Types of Decal Removal

Angel Decals/ Stickers: These are beautifully designed auto and boat decals that look like angels. Even in this group, there are several sub categories including girl angel decals, boy angel decals, baby angel decals and more. The angels are usually shown holding a cupid arrow, heart or flower.

These decals and stickers are available in digitally printed and die-cut styles. The white adhesive angel stickers/ decals usually have additional details filled in to make them look attractive.

Animal Decals/ Stickers: These stickers are available in various shapes and sizes, and you can get any animal decal that you prefer. No wonder, the animal decals are the most favorite among vehicle owners. People love to put on cute car and dog stickers. For boats, there are fish, shark, and bird decals available in different sizes. Other types of animal stickers include dinosaurs, butterflies, horses, dragons, insects, and reptiles.

Animals have a personality of their own and the stickers reflect that in a beautiful way.  The eagle decals reflect courage and fierceness, whereas cat/ dog decals add a dash of warmth to autos and boats.

Installation and Decal Removal

If you are planning to install stickers on vehicles, should also know how to remove decals. Although the angel and animal decals look very cute, they might get faded and scratched over time.

When you have to remove older decals to install a new one in its place, save yourself the trouble and use the fantastic Wonder Wheel decals/ sticker remover tool.

With the Wonder Wheel, you can remove car decals and boat stickers within minutes, without mess or damaging the paint in any way. This decals removal tool is made of soft rubber, and hence it is safe on almost all types of surfaces.

Check out this YouTube Decal Removal video to see how you can use Wonder Wheel for easy decal removal that only takes minutes!

Decal Removal - Angel Decals

Angel Decals

Video example of removing a Motor Dealership Decal

May 16th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Just a quick one today – I had to remove the motor dealership Decal from my car so thought i would show you the Wonder Wheel in action.

It took about 2 minutes to take off the decal (the car is about 6 years old) so was too baked on to use a Wonder Blade



Decal Removal – Avoid Getting Tickets

May 15th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Decal Removal required? We may save you getting a Ticket…

When Bonnie moved to Chicago this year, she thought that the city’s annual vehicle decals looked good and so she left the old ones on her car while putting up the new ones.

Everything was okay, until last week when she got a $120 ticket. Why? It was simply due to the improperly displayed decals on her vehicle.

When asked about the entire issue, Bonnie said that her 2011 decal was properly attached in the right place, i.e. the lower side corner of the windshield and she wonders why she was ticketed for the old decals, especially after she had paid for the new ones.

Well, the fact is that Ald. Richard Mell emailed the residents of Chicago recently in his 33rd Ward, and sent out a warning.

This happened after one of his constituents got a ticket for a similar infringement.

In his email, Ald. Richard Mell requested the residents of the need for decal removal of old decals and replace them with the new ones, attached in the right positions so that they don’t get caught on a technicality issue.

The need for Decal removal?

According to the city law in Chicago, motorists need to place the decals at the lower right-hand corner side, and it should be inside the glass section of the windshield of any vehicle. The law also states that the motorists should strictly follow the sticker instructions and remove the older decals before putting up the new ones (i.e decal removal of last years decal is mandatory).

People who received tickets for driving around with old decals on their vehicle said that they were told to remove decals from vehicles but they were not told that they would get a ticket if they don’t put in place decal removal.

When asked about whether or not an officer should issue tickets for not removing old decals from vehicles, the Deputy Comptroller for the Department of Finance and Revenue, Holly Stutz said that an officer may issue tickets to motorists if he feels that decals or stickers placed on the vehicle is hindering the driver’s view in any way.

The fine for infringement of the law is a $120.

According to Stutz, last year about 200,122 tickets were issued to those who either did not have annual decals displayed, or those who had not removed the improperly placed stickers.

Decal removal – avoiding the issue of over 200,000 tickets

Maria, a North Side Chicago resident said that she has five old decals on her car that she just doesn’t have the for decal removal of all 5. She said that officers should concentrate on ticketing the vehicles who are not registered or who drive rashly than picking on the good people who have forgotten to remove the old decals.

Well, this reminds me that I too need decal remvaol from my vehicle if there’s a chance that I’ll be ticketed. Thank God, it takes only few minutes to remove decals with Wonder Wheel and it’s so gentle on the surface that it causes no scratching or damage to the paint.

Most vehicle owners have a tough time of decal removal because they use traditional methods that take a lot of time. I’d suggest all vehicle owners to have a Wonder Wheel to help them take off old decals with ease.

We have provide a video of decal removal to show how easy it can be

Decal Removal - Avoid Getting Tickets

Annual City Vehicle Decals

Get Paid By Driving Your Car With Decals. Is It Real Or Scam?

May 15th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Well, it is true. There are companies who pay you for driving your car with their advertisements. You will find the get-paid-to-drive programs available on the Internet. There are some real people from the U.S. and Canada who are participating in these attractive programs and getting paid.

How Do The Programs Work?

There is a simple concept that works behind these get paid to drive programs. You can drive your own vehicle around the city with the company advertisements on it, and get paid for doing so. In many cases, the companies might also provide you a free vehicle to drive.

This is a win-win situation for the vehicle owners and the companies. You get paid to drive your vehicle around the city and the company also benefits because it works as an advertising media, just like taxi ads and billboards. These advertisements might promote a new type of business, a company, a new movie or a sports event.

Different Types of Ads:

If you are worried about becoming a laughing stock in your neighborhood then don’t worry. The ad is not like the pizza-delivery boxes; instead they are the attractive removable decals or paint-safe vinyl films which advertise a company’s services or products.

The advertisements might either be in the form of complete-car wraps, partial wraps or window decals. The wraps look great on SUVs, and boxy trucks and cars. The advantage of putting decals is that there are easily removable. You can use the Wonder Wheel to remove decals from vehicles without damaging the paint.

Most of the ads are attractive and designed professionally, but if you don’t like a particular ad then you may turn it down and wait for a better one. Removing decals is easy with the Wonder Wheel. Watch this YouTube video to see how you can remove decals easily.

Who Administers These Programs?

The get-paid-to-drive programs are administered by the advertising companies that are paid by clients to promote/ advertise their products and services. When agree to put on the decals on your car, you receive a fraction of the advertising fee.

There are a few factors that determine whether or not you will be accepted into the programs or get a free car. These include:

• Place where you live (metros are preferred)

• Where you drive (heavy traffic streets are best)

• Where you park your vehicle (better visibility)

Personal qualification might also be taken into consideration for this. If you drive just a few blocks in the suburb areas, or drive to school, church, or supermarket then you probably won’t qualify for this program. You must generally drive at least 1000 miles in a month.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria?

To be able to qualify in the get paid to drive programs, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a driving license, a brilliant driving record, and a clean car in good condition. You will be asked to sign an agreement stating how and where you will be driving. If you don’t live up to your deal then the agreement may be terminated.

Get Paid To Drive Decals

Get Paid To Drive Decals

Remove Boat Decals & Stripes

May 9th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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Remove Boat Decals

Boating is one of America’s favorite leisure activities, and when you take your boat to the water, you would want to look the smartest. I have seen many boat owners use stylish decals and strips to completely transform the appearance and add more style to it. There are some really attractive decals and stripes available that you can put on the boat.

However, the real pressure comes when the boats get older and the stripes and decals become old. Cracked and peeling decals can spoil the look of your favorite boat. So, if you are planning to take your boat out to the water this year but the stickers are putting you off then here I’ll share an easy way to remove boat decals.

I have seen boat owners drastically try to peel decals using razor blades, and they end up damaging the strips and making them look uglier. Using razor blades on the decals is absolutely wrong because no matter how careful you are, it will dig into the adhesive, leaving scratch marks.

Even if you apply a new striping tape to conceal it, the marks will be visible, making your boat look terrible. Hence, it is recommended that you do not try putting new stripes or decals over the old ones, as this will again cause peeling later on.

Most boat owners get so frustrated trying to remove boat decals with razor blades or other traditional methods that they end up completely destroying the exterior of the boat, and then they have to get a painting job done to fix the problem.

In this post, I will tell you how you can safely remove boat decals and stickers on your boat without damaging the surface in any way. This method will save you considerable amount of labor, time, and money.

The inside facts to Remove Boat Decals

Removing old and cracked decals can be easily and quickly done with the use of Wonder Wheel, a specifically designed tool to remove large and stubborn decals within minutes. The biggest advantage of using Wonder Wheel is that it is made of soft rubber which ensures that the boat surface does not get damaged in any way. Even if the decals have become old and cracked, this innovative wheel helps in removing the stickers in no time.

When removing old decals, most of the times you need to use chemicals because the adhesive has been baked under sun for years together and no form of peeling or scratching helps. With Wonder Wheel, your hands are spared from having to use chemicals.

Remove Boat Decals – Make it chemical free

This chemical free product ensures that the adhesive comes out completely without any stain, and without having to use any chemicals. No skin rashes due to chemical use. Hence, this is an environmentally friendly way to remove decals from boats.

The Wonder Blade is another decal removal tool that is generally used for the small delicate jobs while the Wonder Wheel is used for heavy duty jobs. Here’s a remove boat decals hat will show you how to use the Wonder Wheel to remove decals and stripes from your boat.

Remove Boat Decals

Decals And Stripes on Boats

How To Remove Faded LPG Decals/ Stickers From Caravans?

May 9th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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If you look around, you will notice that most of the caravans have old and cracked LPG Stickers which usually spoils the look of the vehicle. Although it is easy and cheap to replace them with a new sticker to save your caravan from looking so unsightly, the real problem lies in removing the faded and adamant LPG Decals that have been there for years.

Removing decals is not easy as it sounds, and if you are considering the traditional methods to take the stickers off then be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time feeling irritated and frustrated. And, even if you manage to take off the LPG sticker, you will find the adhesive stains on the caravan which is difficult to get rid of.

Most people would consider using a heat gun or hair dryer to remove the faded decals, and though it works fine, the only problem is that it leaves an adhesive residue later on. A heat gun can be easily bought from a hardware store or supermarket.

If you were planning to use a metal blade then discard the plan because this way you will create further problems by scratching the surface, and having to repaint the caravan. Using finger nails to peel the decals or using products with sharp edges is also a strict no-no.

Plastic wonder blade is a good option, as it is chemical free and has a plastic edge so no scratch forming on the surface. However, the wonder blade is specifically designed for the smaller and delicate areas, so it might not be the best option for the caravan.

The Wonder Wheel works great and it’s the perfect tool for removing decals from just any surface without damaging the paint or forming any scratches. This awesome decals/ sticker removal tool is designed in a way to take off most of the goo, so no need to use any chemicals to remove the adhesive.

You also don’t have to use a separate drill with the wheel. The Wonder Wheel is basically a rubber wheel which comes attached with a drill to easily remove decals without damaging the surface.

All you need to do is use the rubber wheel in revolutionary spinning motion to slowly peel of the decals and the rest of the job is done by this awesome tool. It will completely remove the stickers without any reside or goo stains. Isn’t that really amazing?

People who have used this product are full of praises for it, and the biggest boon comes in the form of the time it takes to remove decals. Watch this YouTube video to see how this large decal is removed with ease from the van within just 15 minutes.

So, whether you want to remove an old faded decal to put a new one, or you have bought a used caravan that has cracked decals on it, the Wonder Wheel can help you take off the stickers faster than you thought was possible, and make your task easy!

LPG Decals Stickers on Caravan

LPG Decals Stickers on Caravan

What size letter should I use to make my decal or sticker sign more readable?

May 9th 2012 in Remove Decals and Stickers

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 Have you ever looked at a sign from a distance , can’t really read it and say to yourself, “Why didn’t they make those letters bigger? This very applicable to road sign signs, so if you want to sell your product or just let people know about something or advertise please keep these  figures in mind.

Also the size of your sign, an eight feet by six feet high sign looks terrifyingly big when you stand next to it but from 500 feet away it looks unbelievably small.

Best plan is go out and see what other people and sign writers have done. There is nothing worse than going to a lot of trouble and work making a sign and then finding out it doesn’t do the job.



                                   Viewing distance.                                                   Minimum  letter height

100 feet (30 metres)                                                                4 inches

250 feet (85 metres)                                                                10 inches

360 feet  (120 metres)                                                             16 inches

500 feet  (160 metres)                                                             22 inches

750 feet  (250 metres)                                                             33 inches

1000 feet (330 metres)                                                             43 inches

1/4 mile  (450 metres)                                                             57 inches

Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but they are the facts for sign size from different distance.

What size should your sign letters be?

What size should your sign letters be?


“I’ve found that nothing removes old stickers from your car windows like the Wonder Wheel.

Philip Clark

The result, two tools specifically designed to remove Decals and Vinyl Stickers, .

Whizzy Wheel: made of soft rubber and perfect for large areas

Wonder Blade: made of plastic and designed for small, more detailed areas
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