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Whizzy Wheel The most Effective decal remover on the market » Whizzy Wheel The most Effective decal remover on the market http://decalstickerremover.com Looking for a headache free decal removing tool? Whizzy Wheel is you best choice a decal and sticker remover that works fast and is easy to use Check it out Thu, 01 Oct 2015 13:27:34 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.3 How to Remove Reflective Stickers from Ambulances http://decalstickerremover.com/11901/ http://decalstickerremover.com/11901/#comments Wed, 15 Jul 2015 03:37:51 +0000 http://decalstickerremover.com/?p=11901 Chris,

You have a fun and challenging sticker removal job ahead of you.

Reflective vinyl on Ambulances is very different to standard car stickers and much harder to remove as uses a thicker material and stronger adhesive.

The whizzy wheel will do the job, though wear down a lot more due to the thickness and toughness of reflective decals. My gut feel is you will go through a few wheels on this job.

Heat guns are okay, though a bit hit and miss (they generally don’t work for old baked on and cracked stickers, but okay for newer stickers).

For removing the adhesive, the best and fastest way we have found is using a citrus degreaser (this is the stuff people use to get grease off stuff. I’m not sure about UK shops, but in the USA it looks like this citrus degreaser (Note: the whizzy wheel will take off a lot of the adhesive)


Good luck with the job and let me know if need further help


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Easiest Way to Remove Boat Stickers and Decals http://decalstickerremover.com/easiest-way-to-remove-boat-stickers-and-decals/ http://decalstickerremover.com/easiest-way-to-remove-boat-stickers-and-decals/#comments Fri, 19 Jun 2015 03:01:25 +0000 http://decalstickerremover.com/?p=11870 This week I had a great chat with Michael who ran a Boat Slipway

At least once per month he has to remove stickers from a boat and recently saw our Whizzy Wheel in action, easily taking off boat stickers. This week he had a massive catamaran that he was maintaining and need the stickers removed

The good news is we sent him 4 Whizzy Wheels as one of his colleagues used the wheel and was thoroughly impressed. We also sent him an extra one and Michael will be making a video of removing the boat stickers to help his fellow marine patriots remove decals from boats

The reason Michael was excited is boat and ship stickers are usually baked on very hard, due to the salt water and hot weather. This means using your finger nail or sprays are not useful

To summarise our chat, I’ll walk you how to remove any boat sticker in minutes. Note: for fibreglass hauls, we always recommend testing in a discrete small area first

1. Wipe down the surface of boat sticker. This ensures its clean and there are not pebbles or grit that could mark the surface
2. Attach the Whizzy Wheel to a standard house hold drill and turn on to approx. 2500-4000 rpm
3. Move the Wheel back and forth across the boat sticker
4. For any delicate work, use the Whizzy Plastic Razor blade to finish off the job
The above example will work just aswell when removing stickers from most marine vehicles such as Boats, Catamarans, Yachts, Speed Boat’s, Jet Ski’s, Steel Frame Boats and Ships (for wooden boats, we recommend a plastic razor blade such as whizzy plastic blade remover

Our boat sticker removing video is coming soon. In the meantime, checkout the below that shows how boat stickers can be easily removed

And for those who want to know more, I summarised the key benefits of removing decals from marine craft below

• TOP USES – The best Boat Sticker removal tools for Boat Owners, Boat Maintenance, Shipyards, Slipways and anyone needed to remove stickers in the Marine industry
• FAST: Complete solution to remove any Boat Sticker or Decal in MINUTES with BOTH the Whizzy Wheel and Whizzy Plastic Razor blade.
• SAFE: Plastic Razor blade safe to use on all plastic surfaces. Sharp enough to get under Sticker edge and won’t cut your fingers
• GUARANTEED: To remove the toughest stickers from Boats, Catamarans, Yachts, Speed Boat’s, Jet Ski’s, Steel Frame

As we are now moving into the boating industry, (as had huge success in helping people remove car stickers), we would love to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback peter@pacificwebb.com.au

We are also happy to pass on the savings, if you would like to take video footage of boat stickers being removed, or before and after shots of the stickers being taken off your boat

Peter Nobbs
Chief “Boat Sticker Removal” Officer

P.S – for any Wooden boats or plastic hauls, only use the Whizzy Plastic Razor blade

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Fastest and Easiest ways to Remove Car Stickers in Minutes http://decalstickerremover.com/fastest-and-easiest-ways-to-remove-car-stickers-in-minutes/ http://decalstickerremover.com/fastest-and-easiest-ways-to-remove-car-stickers-in-minutes/#comments Thu, 04 Jun 2015 02:50:13 +0000 http://decalstickerremover.com/?p=11853 Today we explain the fastest and easiest ways to Remove Car Stickers in Minutes… Check out the car sticker video, then read the step by step instructions below


  • gouging or scratching the paint work
  • touching toxic chemicals, or skin irritating adhesives
  • spending hundreds of dollars on “pricey” equipment
  • damaging or harming the environment
  • wasting money on oomph-less removal sprays
  • tearing or wearing away your fingernails

Removing Car Stickers – Why it Can be Hard Work

There are 3 factors that determine whether a Car Sticker is hard to remove (though even the hardest sticker can be removed easily with the right sticker removal tool)


  1. Age: there is a direct correlation between the age of a car sticker and how hard or easy it is to remove. Stickers less than 3 months old can easily be removed with a plastic blade, though older car stickers need more heavy duty sticker removal tools
  2. Weather: cars that have been left in the hot sun, become much harder to remove. This is due to the heat changing the molecule structure where the adhesive on the sticker becomes bonded to the surface
  3. Sticker Manufacturer: the better known brands such as 3M produce higher grade vinyl that is easier and more consistent to get off. The lower priced stickers often use inferior adhesive’s and can be very hard to remove. (I experienced this recently when taking off glass window frosting that left adhesive all over the surface. (see Bonus Section at bottom of page for TIPS to Remove Adhesive)

The Best 3 WAYS to Remove Car Stickers (From Easy to Hard)

If you want to remove car stickers, I’ve outlined the best 3 approaches below and made a car sticker removal video, to make it easier for you

Car Sticker Removal Video – Comparing the 3 Approaches

  1. Whizzy Wheel: Made of soft Rubber and works by wearing away the Decal
  2. Hair Dryer: heats the sticker up, loosens the bond between the sticker and surface to peel off
  3. Plastic Razor blade: gets under the lip of the sticker and peel off sticker

Whizzy Wheel:

  • Pro’s:
    • Excellent for large car stickers
    • Best option for old baked on car stickers
    • Safe on Factory Finished painted surfaces
  • Con’s:
    • Requires a standard home drill to operate
    • Not suitable for plastic surfaces

Hair Dryer:

  • Pro’s:
    • Works well on newer decals
    • Free (if have a hair dryer at home)
  • Con’s:
    • Doesn’t work well on old baked on decals
    • Slow on larger surfaces

Plastic Razor blade

  • Pro’s:
    • Excellent for plastic or wooden basketball court surfaces
    • Good for small delicate areas
  • Con’s:
    • Doesn’t work on old baked on decals
    • Too slow for large jobs

Whizzy Wheel 

Step 1 Pull your Whizzy Wheel from its secure packaging.

Step 2 Pop the Whizzy Wheel onto your regular house drill using the arbour supplied.

Step 3 Place the Whizzy Wheel and any decal, sticker, or vinyl (up to 55 years old) and turn on the drill.

Step 4 Watch as your decals and stickers quickly vanish revealing a smooth, decal free surface.

As the car sticker is removed, the wheel will wear down and a fine rubber dust will appear on the surface (as per the video demo). Just wipe this dust away and you’ll see the sticker has been removed

Whizzy Wheel Car Sticker Remover whizzy-car


Hair Dryer 

Step 1 Locate (or buy) the most powerful hair dryer you have access to

Step 2 Turn the Hair Dryer onto maximum hear

Step 3 Place the hair dryer approximately 7 – 12 centimetres from the car sticker and move back and forth

Step 4 With use of a plastic blade, peel back the car sticker from the surface

Note: be careful when pulling off the car sticker as it can get very hot. We recommend using a plastic blade in-conjuction with the hair dryer for best results

 The video below shows a Hair Dryer removing a Car Sticker. This would looks like a new sticker as it comes off fairly easily

Hair Dryer


Plastic Razor Blade <add imge blade>

Step 1 Find the sharpest plastic blade available

Step 2 Get the plastic blade under the edge of the sticker

Step 3 Slowly work the blade under the car sticker and peel backwards

Note: the plastic razor blade does not work well on old stickers as these are usually bonded to the surface. We recommend a plastic razor blade for wooden basketball courts or plastic surfaces

Basketball court sticker remover

Bonus Tips

Tip 1 – Citrus Degreaser to Remove Adhesive from the Surface

We find that when removing very old car stickers, that adhesive can be left on the surface. This need to removed, otherwise dust and dirt will get stuck to the surface.

The best product to remove adhesive is citrus degreaser. This can be bought from Bunnings or Home Depot for around $10 – 15 a bottle. If you don’t want to use a manufactured chemical, you can also use Eucalyptus oil to remove the adhesive

Tip 2 – Cut and Polish to remove “Ghosting Affect”

If you are removing a very old car sticker, the painted surface around the sticker may have faded. This means when you remove the sticker, the painted surface underneath will look clean and fresh. To get around this, we recommend Cut and Polish (the strongest type of Polish) to help remove

Car Sticker Ghosting Affect

The Top 6 Reasons People need to Remove Stickers and Decals


  1. Car Dealership Decals and Stickers
  2. Advertisements or Logos from Company Trucks, Cars and SUV’s
  3. Signage from Boat’s Delicate Fiberglass Surface
  4. Old Stickers Leaving Your Camper or RV’s Appearance By Whizzy Clean—and Ready for Spring
  5. Team Logo’s and Sponsorship Advertisements from the Basketball Floors
  6. Gum, goo, bugs, insects, and bird poo from bus seats, car windows, under tables, and so much more

What not to do when Removing Stickers


The main piece of advice we give to people before removing a car sticker is NOT TO USE A METAL RAZOR Blade on painted surfaces. Why…

  1. You can easily cut yourself
  2. Damaging the painted surface is very easy


By now you know the secrets to removing Car Stickers and the best 3 approaches. If you need anymore assistance, please drop me a note at peter@pacificwebb.com.au or visit www.decalstickerremover.com



Peter Nobbs

Chief Sticker Removal Officer

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Removing old baked on Stickers from 4WD’s http://decalstickerremover.com/removing-old-baked-on-stickers-from-4wds/ http://decalstickerremover.com/removing-old-baked-on-stickers-from-4wds/#comments Mon, 01 Jun 2015 06:37:33 +0000 http://decalstickerremover.com/?p=11848 The most common question we get at decal removal headquarters is how to remove baked on old stickers from 4wd’s

It seems that the toughest and hardest stickers to remove, are those baked on from 100+ degree heat. (and maybe that is why we get so many orders from California for people wanting to remove).

the reason it’s so difficult to remove these stickers is the excessive heat, bakes the sticker to the surface. This means the following techniques take off the 4wd car sticker do not work

1. Fingers Nail: doesn’t work as the sticker is too baked onto the surface
2. Hair dryer: doesn’t work as the sticker is bonded to the surface and can only be removed by wearing away the sticker

The good news is the whizzy wheel, definitely will work.

We had a customer with a land crusier with decals going back to the early 1980’s. He took these really old decals off in minutes with the use of a whizzy wheel

The only downside was that the paint around the sticker had faded (we recommended him use some cut and polish to try blend the colours together)

So if you need to take off a sticker from an old 4wd, we strongly recommend you try the whizzy wheel and get the sticker removed in minutes. You only need to

1. Take the whizzy wheel out of the packer
2. Connect the arbor (supplied) to your drill
3. Turn on the whizzy wheel to 2500-4000 rpm
4. Move the whizzy wheel across the 4wd sticker and watch it disappear.

As the whizzy wheel is made from soft rubber, it will not harm factory finish paint. It will also remove most of the adhesive which is a bonus

Common 4WD Land Cruiser with Decals needed to be removed
Common 4WD Land Cruiser with Decals needed to be removed

If there is any adhesive left on (some really old stickers) can leave old adhesive, we recommend some citrus degreaser from your local Home Depot store (around $10 for a big bottle)

We love helping people remove tough old 4wd stickers. So if you have any questions, please let us know at peter@pacificwebb.com.au

Peter Nobbs
Chief Decal Removal Officer

P.S – check out our car decal removal video that recently cracked 100,000 youtube views. It shows how easy it can be to remove car stickers

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Removing Decals in UK, Canada, Australia and the USA http://decalstickerremover.com/removing-decals-in-uk-canada-australia-and-the-usa/ http://decalstickerremover.com/removing-decals-in-uk-canada-australia-and-the-usa/#comments Fri, 29 May 2015 00:00:51 +0000 http://decalstickerremover.com/?p=11839 Short note this week that we are so excited to be helping people remove stickers across the globe with our Whizzy Wheel – Decal removal tool.

In the last few months, we are now dispatching the Whizzy Wheel to customers in the UK, Canada, USA and Australia, all within 3 – 5 days (and offer express delivery)

We are really happy as we are reaching so many more people and you also benefit from Free Delivery if an Amazon Prime customer.

If you don’t know about the decal removal tool, then the whizzy wheel is perfect for

1. Removing old baked on car decals (especially for vehicles that have been in the hot sun)
2. Taking off decals from boats that have been bathed in salt water
3. Quickly removing stickers from glass and shop windows
4. Taking of decals from cars that have been branded in an old company logos (we do a lot of work helping courier vans remove stickers)

If you are interested in some video demonstrations, then check out these

Removing Stickers from a Car

Removing Stickers from Glass Windows

We would love your feedback on our Whizzy Wheel Amazon sites

Amazon USA Car Decal Removal Tool – Whizzy Wheel

Amazon UK Car Decal Removal Tool – Whizzy Wheel

Amazon Canada Car Decal Removal Tool – Whizzy Wheel

If you need any assistance removing stickers or decals from any surface, we would love to help (peter@pacificwebb.com.au)

Peter Nobbs
Chief Decal Removal Officer

http://decalstickerremover.com/removing-decals-in-uk-canada-australia-and-the-usa/feed/ 0
Your Thoughts on our New Decal Removal Website http://decalstickerremover.com/new-decal-removal-website/ http://decalstickerremover.com/new-decal-removal-website/#comments Wed, 27 May 2015 02:42:15 +0000 http://decalstickerremover.com/?p=11834 Dear Decal Removal Followers,

This week I am opening up about the behind the scenes action of removing car decals and stickers.

For a quick background, our family business installed and removed vinyl signs, stickers and decals from all types of surfaces. Since my father sold up (and retired), we moved online, and focus solely on removing stickers and decals via the Whizzy Wheel.

Our primary channel is our website and recently it went under an update and the results were surprising.

The major changes were

1. Kept the same awesome decal car removal video that has over 100,000 views (thank)

2. Changed the website to a cool snazzy site, with the ability to order 1 – 3 wheels and express whizzy wheel delivery to USA, Canada, UK and Australia (and it appears california’s are our biggest sticker removal customers)

Whizzy Wheel New Website

3. Removed our old “plain” looking website that we thought looked dated and old

Whizzy Wheel Old Website

Well the crazy result is after 1 month, the old site did better.

The decal removal video is the same, but people seem to like the less professional look when it comes to buying tools that remove stickers and decals.

I would love your insights to WHY this is so, as I thought professional and well designed was the best way to express how people can easily take of stickers from most surfaces

Look, we love people contacting us to find out the different ways to remove any type of sticker (peter@pacificwebb.com.au), BUT THIS TIME I need your help

If you have any insight into why the old site worked so well, please let me know… your our decal customers and we want to hear from you

Peter Nobbs
Chief Decal Removal Officer

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A Small Favour – Whizzy Wheel now on Amazon http://decalstickerremover.com/whizzy-wheel-now-on-amazon/ http://decalstickerremover.com/whizzy-wheel-now-on-amazon/#comments Fri, 22 May 2015 00:00:23 +0000 http://decalstickerremover.com/?p=11829 A Small Favour to Ask – please write a review of the Whizzy Wheel on Amzon


Hey there,
Today’s Decal Blog is a short note about a request we sent out to our 1000’s of prior customers to help our launch of the Whizzy Wheel on Amazon


**** check it out below ***

I have a small favour to asked after our Launch of the Whizzy Wheel on Amazon…..
We really hope you are satisfied with how the Whizzy Wheel removed your sticker or decal.

We want to make sure that you are satisfied in every way, so again if there is anything that we can do to help, please let us know.

And if you are satisfied with the Whizzy Wheel, and of the way you have been treated as a customer, your positive review on Amazon would be greatly appreciated.

To leave a quick Amazon Review, Click here (and click on write a review, near the top middle of page)

Thank you again, for being our valued customer

Peter Nobbs
“Chief Decal Removal Officer”

P.S – if you need to reach us for anything, please do not hesitate to contact me



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School Buses – Fastest Way to Take Off Stickers http://decalstickerremover.com/remove-bus-stickers/ http://decalstickerremover.com/remove-bus-stickers/#comments Wed, 20 May 2015 00:00:03 +0000 http://decalstickerremover.com/?p=11825 The yellow school bus is an iconic vehicle and crucial part of getting millions of kids to school everyday.


Often the school buses end up in foreign countries such as Guatemala as part of the public transportation system. I experienced this a few years ago, when travelling through Central America.


Sometimes these yellow school buses are cleaned and stickers taken off before being used for other purposes. This is where we can help





School buses often have a decal on the side reading “School Bus”. This decal can easily be removed following these simple steps


  1. Clean the surface of the School Bus sticker to remove the dust and any grime
  2. Get a Whizzy Wheel
  3. Connect the Whizzy Wheel to any standard household drill, using the Arbor supplied
  4. Turn the Drill to 2500- 4000pm (making sure you wear safety glasses)
  5. Move the whizzy wheel back and forth across the surface and watch the School Bus sticker disappear


The below video show a car sticker easily being removed and this you would expect the same results when removing a school bus sticker


Now that the sticker has been removed from the bus, there are a few things to note:


  1. As most school buses are quite old and been out in the sun for a number of years, when the decal is removed, the painted surface where the decal was, will not have been exposed to the weather elements. This means you may get a “ghosting” effect where the paint around of the decal has faded.
  2. When you take off the sticker from the side of the bus, there maybe some adhesive left on the surface. You need to remove these, otherwise dirt and dust will stick to the surface where the Decal used to be.
  3. The whizzy wheel is safe to use on painted surfaces, assuming it’s a factory finish paint work (i.e. if the surface has been resprayed, then best to test in a small area first)


TIP: to get rid of any left over adhesive from the surface, try citrus degreaser from Home Depot for about $12’s. It works a treat



At Whizzy Wheel headquarters, we are here to help you remove all types of stickers. The areas we specialise in are:


  • Removing stickers from glass shop windows
  • Helping Police departments remove stickers from police cars
  • Help government organisations remove stickers and decals from public spaces
  • AND most commonly, helping people remove old hard to remove car stickes


Drop us a line or email me at peter@pacificwebb.com.au…. We love to help you remove the world of unsightly decals
Peter Nobbs

Chief Decal Removal Officer




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Removing Vehicle Stickers for Traffic Control Businesses http://decalstickerremover.com/remove-stickers-traffic-control/ http://decalstickerremover.com/remove-stickers-traffic-control/#comments Tue, 19 May 2015 02:25:15 +0000 http://decalstickerremover.com/?p=11822 It’s great when you get enquiries about people who have lots of decals and stickers to remove and you are in a position to really help them.


This week, we have helped one of the largest traffic control businesses remove stickers from their vehicle of SUV’s, pick up trucks and utes.


FYI – Traffic Coontrol business are the people responsible for organising and mangaging traffic when there is road work on building construction that impacts the flow of traffic



The demand for the Whizzy Wheel to remove stickers from ute’s arises within the traffic control business due to the different uses of the vehicles. The utes that are used for night work require reflective decals and cars that are used for certain jobs, need specific car stickers applied


The result is that the vehciles used, constantly need the stickers removed and new decals applied. The reflective night decals are very hard to remove, due to the thickness of the sticker, hence most traditional tools don’t work.


The  three main approaches these traffic control businesses use to take off the car stickers are listed below in order of effectiveness, with sticker removal video demonstrations aswell.



  1. Whizzy Wheel: best for big jobs and old baked on decals. Designed specifically for decal removal and takes off most of the left over adhesive aswell



  1. Hair Dryer: good for new decals that are not stuck on tightly to the surface. Not suitable for old baked on stickers that have been out in the hot sun for more than 6 months



  1. Plastic Razor blade: definitely recommend for delicate surfaces to remove stickers from wood or plastic. Not suitable for large jobs or old baked on decals



  1. Metal Razor Blade: definitely NOT suitable for painted surfaces but okay for glass windows



Today we have spoken about removing vehicles stickers for people in the traffic control business and had great success. We would like to share that decal removal succes with more people, so today we are making an open invitation to help all those who need any assistance removing vehicle stickers.


Please drop me a line at peter@pacificwebb.com.au or call 0011 61 421 001 613 for any decal or sticker removal questions.


Our areas of expertise are;

  • Decal removal from utes, SUV’s and pick up trucks
  • Taking off stickers from shop windows
  • Removing stickers from basketball courts (only use a plastic razor blade)
  • Cleaning up stickers from public signs (we have helped a few people in Malaysia)
  • Removing very old baked on decals that have been in the sun from 4wd’s
  • Best chemical and chemical free sprays that remove adhesive and goo, that can be left on the surface (tip: eucplaytus oil is magic)
  • General advice and assistance about the Decal and Sticker Removal game



Peter Nobbs

Chief Decal Removal Officer



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Decal Removal Video – Didn’t work out http://decalstickerremover.com/decal-removal-video-didnt-work-out/ http://decalstickerremover.com/decal-removal-video-didnt-work-out/#comments Fri, 15 May 2015 00:00:38 +0000 http://decalstickerremover.com/?p=11759 We are specialists in removing car stickers by helping people in 27+ countries around the world remove car decals (and the most seemed to be based in Texas or California).

We got to this position through 20+ years family experience and launching the Whizzy Wheel that is the best decal removal tool on the market

The feedback we get from our customers who have removed some of the most stubborn car stickers is the Whizzy Wheel is fantastic.


I used the wheel for the first time this past Saturday,2-18.Took off 94 ft of one and a half inch
wide pin striping vinyl off of my boat in less than 2 hours.

This is absolutely a fantastic product. Thanks a lot

Ted – NJ USA. (17 March)


Mr Nobbs,

I had my body guy order the parts. I hope he ordered them from you i mentioned your product by
name. the work was excellent and he said he used the wheel. thank you for developing it.


Daniel, (6 June)



Hi Peter,

I just received your product, Whizzy Wheel, and I want to say THANK YOU ! I had asked so many
people how to remove it and they all came down with one solution, hair dryer which will damage
the car paint. But your products only take a few minutes! Now I can change decals any time and any style I want. Good luck at the business. I will definitely introduce your products around.

Best regards,


California, USA – Brian Wai, 23 February


The downside is that we can not reach enough people to help rid the world of the old and dated stickers that appear on everything from sign posts Malaysia, cars, trucks and even aeroplanes

So recently we hired a youtube expert who bought together a video to help promote the whizzy wheel. We were expecting bug things as our current video has 97,485 plus views.

(… and this article isn’t about the youtube expert, rather about the importance of good and useful video of removing decals).

So we put together a very basic video (check it out below) to see if putting some Ads on Youtube about removing decals would help build traffic.

The results were very disappointing… less than 4 views so far.

Now this is not a failure, rather a great learning opportunity for us about the information we need to pass onto our customers and viewers.

We have learnt, that a salesy video without great content doesn’t help anyone. People want to learn more about decal removal tips and techniques first, before being shown an offer.

The above decal video would have been much more powerful if we showed people how to:

Remove any left over adhesive from the surface easily by using citrus degreaser or eucalyptus oil that you can get for under $10 a bottle

  1. That for removing new car stickers (under 6 months), you can test using a hair dryer <ADD LINK> or plastic razor blade <add link to demo page>
  2. That for large areas of sticker removal, the only option is the Whizzy Wheel.

So it shows that you do not need a professional video with lots of hype, rather a genuine video that shows actual results. Maybe our testimonial video’s would have been better to build some creditability of people who have acutally used the Whizzy Wheel and had great success


So now I am reaching out to you, to offer our help to remove decals. I am not asking you to buy the Whizzy Wheel, rather if you have a question about how to remove a sticker or decal from any type of surface, then drop me a line at peter@pacificwebb.com.au and I’ll give you my best ideas and tips…. (as a goodwill gesture to help you out)


Peter Nobbs

Chief Decal Removal Officer

P.S – the good news is that we have been offering the Whizzy Wheel in the USA, Australia, Canada and UK with delivery in 2 – 5 working days.

If you have an urgent job, then email me as we have express delivery to get you the wheel within 1 – 2 working days.

For those of you in Spain, Brazil, Europe, South Africa or anywhere else, we deliver the Whizzy Wheels globally, it just takes a little longer to arrive.

http://decalstickerremover.com/decal-removal-video-didnt-work-out/feed/ 0