Why is it, that such as popular and widely used product, that is sooo easy to apply, is so hard to remove??

You know what I’m talking about. Whenever there is a job to remove decals, vinyl lettering, car transfers or stickers, it’s always a hard task….. But there is help.

But first, the three main issues with removing decals is:

A) not scratching the surface

B) takes too much time and hence makes job that seem profitable when quoting, unprofitable when you finish the job

C) removing the goo / adhesive afterwards (and next post I’ll tell you about a product that you can buy at most supermarkets, that’s very cheap that removes goo and adhesive very easy.

So, to make removing decals easy and safe we recommend:

1) try and avoid using METAL razor bades (especially on any painted surface)

2) always test your method of removing decals in a small discrete area first (often re-sprays mean some chemicals aren’t appropriate and can ruin the paintwork)

3) always add an extra 25% to your quote when removing large areas of decals or vinyls. Decals that have been baked in the sun for years can take longer and add time to the job. (Keep in mind that reflective decals are use much thicker material and hence also take longer to remove)

4) Always, always make sure you clean the surface after the decal and make sure it has dried properly.

So next week I’ll talk about the different ways to remove vinyl and decals and the pro’s, con’s and other things to look out for