Decals add a style element to your petrol tanks and other small surfaces. Likewise vinyl letters have also gained immense popularity as a home décor item. Vinyl letters are used to decorate walls, adding a color to your otherwise whitewashed rooms. Vinyl letters are easy to use and can be glued on wood plaques, glass, picture frames and tile squares.

With the craze for funky car exteriors and looks, people are inclined more towards applying graphics to their cars and vehicles. But when the decals become old or worn, out they need to be removed.

Great care needs to be taken when attempting to remove decals as its very easy to damage the surface or tarnishing the paint unless you use the right tool.

So what is the simple technique to remove decals or vinyl lettering from smaller surfaces?

Peter Nobbs of Wonder Products has a solution to this. After much racking of the brain, Peter has found an easy way to remove graphics. Like Wonder Wheel, the Wonder Blade removes smaller stickers, decals and vinyl letters from petrol tanks, walls, floors, etc. Decals or vinyl letters fade away with time and reflects an antique look! However with Wonder Blade, one can simply peel off the decals or stickers from small surface.

The Wonder Blade works with the help of a blade made out of plastic and is user friendly which what makes it so unique… being made of plastic, it won’t scratch the surface (unlike metal razor blades that can turn jobs into disasters)

The Wonder Blade can be used on all surfaces. It is small and easily portable. You can carry it in your pocket too! Unlike some other products, the Wonder Blade does not use any chemicals which can cause skin irritations. The Wonder Blade is safe to use as it does not scratch the surface like metal blades. You will never have to put your extra strength to make it work.

For the Wonder Blade, simply click in the plastic blade and it’s that easy to start getting the job done. With Wonder Blade you can finish the job of decal removal swiftly and without any hassles. You can check out our videos at to see how easy it is to remove decals, stickers, graphics and vinyl letters.