How to remove Decals from cars (that have been baked on by the sun)

A common question I get asked is “how do I remove decals from my car or truck that has been baked on by the sun over many years?”

Well these that are baked onto car, truck or bus surfaces are the hardest decals to remove because the cellular compound of the decal, sticker or advertising label has changed and become a much denser substance.

I am bias in this view, though the only way to remove these decals are:

a) metal razor blade (only an option if the car is going for a re-spray as due to the toughness of the decal, you are 99% likely to scratch the surface). Please be careful as metal blades cut skin easily and due to the harden decal, a lot of force is needed to remove the decal

b) Wonder wheel that is attached to a drill (FYI – I don’t believe its possible to remove decals by using rubber compound products, just using your hand, as the rubber compound needs high revolutions with light pressure to actually wear away the decal)

c) Chemicals, heat guns or plastic blades won´t work as the decal has become too hardened and can´t penetrate the molecular structure of the decal (However, these products can work on decals that haven’t been on the surface long)

Hence if you are removing the decal for the purpose of replacing it with another decal or sticker, or just like it to be removed, then I would recommend the Wonder Wheel (see the demo at for how it works.

If you are having your car, truck or bus re-sprayed, then a heavy duty metal scraper can work, though please take caution due to the dangers of cutting yourself.

Happy decal removing

P.S – I am planning on getting some video footage of the Wonder Wheel working on decals that have been baked on cars, trucks and boats from the sun, so people can get an understanding of their efficiency. The video will also include the time it took to remove the decal as some people don´t believe how fast it works until they have had a demonstration given