Decals change the look of a product, making it the talk of the city. Not only is it easy to apply but also it saves money by not hiring a professional auto graphic to install. Vinyl decals are so easy that you can do it at home!

Decals, stickers and vinyl have always added a zing, be it in decoration or advertising. But with time, it starts to loose its texture and glamour. So removal becomes necessary. But proper methods of removal is essential so as not to distort the surface and the paint on cars, trucks, walls, floors and other areas.

Some of the traditional methods for decal removal are-

a. heat guns

b. metal razor blades

c. toxic and non-toxic chemicals

The above options can work, though are labor-intensive and potentially harmful (some chemicals have react adversely to your skin).

Heat guns are used heat the temperature of the adhesive, making the decal easier to remove. But high heat from heat guns can sometimes melt the surface on which the vinyl or decal has been installed.

Metal razor blades are used for getting underneath the decal and peeling. This can harmful as it may scratch the painted surface of your car.

Some chemicals are expensive and can ruin the surface as well as if the painted surface is a re-spray( and if it’s not done properly then it will be embarrassing for you to have inconsistent colors on your vehicle). These methods have been around for years and do work, but need care and prior experience to remove decals, vinyl or graphics.

So how do you make removing decals easy? by using the alternative way

Wonder products have launched a modern and innovative technology to wipe out decals without affecting the surface and its texture. Mr. Peter Nobbs (our Chief ‘Decal Remover’ Officer) is the exponent behind the discovery of Wonder Wheel and Wonder Blade.

The Wonder Wheel is used to remove decals on bigger surfaces like cars, trucks with its unconventional, yet very effective spinning wheel technology.

The Wonder Blade is made out of plastic and is designed for smaller surfaces!