There is one type of Decal that is very hard to remove – its, thicker, has stronger adhesive and means some of the standard tools available to take them off don’t work.

The reason reflective decals are so hard to remove is due to a different base material used. It the decal is really thick and stuck on with lots of adhesive. For this reason the only tools to get the Decals off in a reasonable amount of time is

1) Wonder Wheel: works by wearing away the Decal. The bonus is the adhesive is also removed

2) Heat gun: takes longer and there will be adhesive left over. We recommend using eucalyptus oil to remove the adhesive as is a natural product and wont cause skin irritations (unlike some products on the market)

So if you ever have a job to remove decal, check to see if its reflective as it takes more effort and time to remove