Did you know there are two parts to removing a decal? No….. Well there is. They are

1) Removing the decal (yep, most people know that); and

2) Removing the adhesive left on the surface once the decal has been removed.

Now there has been plenty of articles written about how to remove decals, though the topic of removing adhesive is often overlooked. So why is it important to remove the adhesive…..

Well, the important reasons to remove the adhesive left on after a decal has been removed are:

1) If you are going to replace the decal that is being removed, then you must remove the adhesive. Why… because the new decal will have a rough an uneven surface if you don’t remove the adhesive that is left on the surface.

2) If you don’t remove the adhesive, it will gather dust and dirt and the surface will have a dark image where the prior decal was.

Okay, so how do you go about removing the adhesive that is left on the surface after a decal has been removed?

1) Use a man-made chemical to rub onto the surface that removes the adhesive. We don’t recommend these products as we have seen cases where people hands break into a red rash. A red rash is not a good outcome and has unknown side effects. (We do understand there maybe good products on the market, though we have tested these to give them the thumbs up)

2) Use a natural chemical to rub onto the surface that removes the adhesive. We can recommend Eucalyptus oil.┬áIt’s user friendly, does a great job of removing adhesive and has a pleasant smell. Eucalyptus oil can be bought from most major super markets

3) Use a tool that removes most of the decal and adhesive. The Wonder Wheel works excellent in removing the decal and the adhesive. This tool is made of soft rubber and works by wearing away the decal from the surface. At the same time as removing the decal, it takes away most of the adhesive so works like a 2 in 1 product.

P.S – if you do use a chemical (either natural or man-made) to remove adhesive we recommend you wash the surface afterwards to ensure the chemical is removed from the surface. This is important because if you are applying a new decal, you need to ensure the surface is clean and doesn’t have any chemicals left over that may reduce the decal sticking to the surface