Removing decals from boats is a common problem as it’s so easy to damage the surface.

 Boats are usually made from fibreglass that is a surface that scratches easily and can be affected by intense heat. To avoid ruining the surface of your lovely fibreglass boat we recommend the following approaches to remove the sticker / decal.

Easy ways to remove boat decals or stickers

1) Wonder Blade (plastic razor blade): as the Wonder blade is made from plastic it’s perfect for sensitive areas such as fibreglass. The way it works is by the plastic razor blade getting underneath the decal then applying pressure to slide the plastic blade under the decal to lift it off. You can watch a video of a decal being removed with the Wonder Blade. The downside of this tool is that it is suited to smaller areas that are less than 1 foot x 1 foot. (you can do bigger areas, it just takes longer).

2) Wonder Wheel (soft rubber wheel): this works by wearing away the decal on the boat. You need to be careful with this tool when using it on boats (its fine on cars, trucks and glass). As most boats are fibreglass based which is a sensitive product, then its possible to press too hard with the Wonder Wheel and leave a fine brown mark (usually some cutting or car polish will remove any fine marks, though best to use soft pressure). FYI – the Wonder Wheel is great if the decal is old and baked on as wears away the decal

So to remove decals on boats we recommend:

1) Small area: Wonder Blade

2) Big area or baked on decal: Wonder Wheel

What not to use:

1) We definitely suggest you don’t use a razor blade as this will easily scratch the fibreglass.

2) Heat gun – take caution as the heat gun can sometimes affect the fibrrglass and melt or bubble the surface. If you do want to use a hear gun, we recommend you test it in a discrete area first

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Good luck removing the decals and happy sailing and boating