Last week we talked about removing decals from a basketball court and how a plastic razor blade like the Wonder blade was the best tool.

Well I received an email from the same guy, now wanting to know how to get rid of the adhesive that the decal left on the court surface.

For this situation we took a different approach. We don’t normally recommend man made chemicals to remove adhesive because of the adverse affects they can have on your skin – we have seen some bad stuff.

Firstly, you have to ensure that the surface area where the decal has been removed, hasn’t affected the polished floor boards. If you use any chemical on a non polished (no lacquer) floor board, then the chemical can really affect the wood. (i.e. making it swell up or bubble)

So after our buddy confirmed the wooden floor boards were still polished and he hadn’t removed any of the lacquer we recommended he use eucalyptus oil. This is a natural product from gum trees and works really well at removing any goo or adhesive.

The result a clean basketball court with the sponsors decal removed