The other day I received a question about how to remove asponsorship decal that was on a basketball court.

The first question I asked the young chap was:

“What sort of basketball court is it? Do you use it for training or it is for games…”

The reason being, is if it’s a basketball court that is only used for training, then it doesn’t matter whether you mark the surface. A little scuffing of the wood is okay. In that case, I would be comfortable using either:

1)Wonder Wheel: rubber wheel that wears away the decal, though can slightly mark the wood and remove the polish from the floor boards

2)Metal razor: this will chip some of the floor boards, though won’t leave too much of a mark

However, this was a court that was used for the local high school matches so the floor had to be kept in perfect condition. So what was my recommendation.

I recommended he use a plastic blade, like the Wonder Blade. The reason – as it’s made of soft plastic blade, it won’t scratch the surface or mark the wood. The plastic blade is strong enough to get under the surface of the decal, then you slowly pull back the vinyl whilst lifting the blade further under the decal. It’s quite easy and fast