Often PC’s come with manufactured or asset labels that need to be removed. Due to PC’s being made from plastic then using a chemical is not recommended due to the way it can re-act with the surface.

What is needed is a simple method that won’t damage the surface and is effective. For this application we recommend using either

1) Plastic razor blade

2) Metal razor blade (only if it’s stuck on the back of the PC)

Using a plastic razor blade is simple and won’t damage the surface. As outer casing of PC’s is made from plastic you need to be cautious not to damage or scratch it. Using a plastic blade such as the Wonder Blade is the safest option

If the decal is on the back of the PC, then it’s possible to use a Metal razor blade. We don’t recommend using these on any areas on the front of the PC due to it being able to scratch the surface (and also the ability to cut yourself)