About three months ago we received an enquiry from the food catering division of an International Airline – Emirates.

Apparently, those trolleys the air hostess push up and down the aisle’s that contain your meals, get a lot of decals on them. We are not sure what type of decals, but we know they need to be removed.

Generally the trolley’s are made from aluminium so there is no concern about damaging the surface. The customer was after the fastest way to remove the decals. Our suggestion… the Wonder Wheel.

There are other products out there that work at removing the decals. They could have used a metal razor blade (though I guess they didn’t due to employee safety and the chance of cutting yourself) or they could have used a plastic razor blade, such as the Wonder Blade. These products works well, though better for smaller and delicate areas where speed is not the most important element.

So what was the outcome… well the Airline must have a a lot of decals to remove as they have used a bunch of Wonder Wheels and from what I hear, they are pretty happy with the results