Have you noticed how many stickers are stuck on trains. You know, those one’s that some bored person has stuck onto the inside of a train carriage or the back of a train seat.

So how do you remove these?

The suggestion we have for removing the decals are:

1)Wonder Wheel. This is a great tool when moving larger decals. It works by the soft rubber wheel wearing away the surface. There is a video demonstration you can view of it working. We recommend testing it first in a small area to make sure it doesn’t affect the surface

2)Heat gun. A heat gun works by heating up the adhesive so it loses it sticky quality. This then lets you peel back the decal. We recommend testing in a discrete spot first as a heat gun can sometimes affect the surface – especially if its plastic

3)Plastic razor blade. The Wonder Blade can be used to get under the decal and lift it off. As the blade is made from plastic, it won’t damage the surface

4)Metal Razor blade. We don’t recommend this as its easy to scratch the surface (unless the decal is on glass, then it’s okay).

Enjoy your commuting