A lot of trailers and trucks come with decals or signage along the side of them. This is a great marketing tool. However, over time, brands change or trucks need new marketing so you need a way of removing these decals.

The suggestion we have for removing the decals from the side of trucks are:

1)Plastic razor blade. The Wonder Blade can be used to get under the decal and lift it off. As the blade is made from plastic, it won’t rip or damage the tarpaulin

2)Metal Razor blade. We don’t recommend this as its easy to rip the tarp. This can turn into a very costly exercise.

3)Heat gun. A heat gun works by heating up the adhesive so it loses it sticky quality. This then lets you peel back the decal. We recommend testing in a discrete spot first as a heat gun can sometimes affect the tarpaulin

Good luck removing those decals