A couple of weeks back, a buddy of mine got a car parking ticket PLUS a massive 1 x 1 foot parking sticker put on the side of his window. Now this sticker is big, plus has so much adhesive that you can not pull it off.

He spent 30 minute’s using his fingers nails and got no-where.

The reason it’s so hard to remove is because there is a huge amount of adhesive used to keep the sticker on the window – I guess the parking officer’s use these almost impossible to remove stickers to deter people from parking illegally in future (in addition to the fine!!!)

So the good news is I managed to help my buddy out. I took over a Wonder Wheel and after about 15 minutes, had removed the whole decal…. He was most impressed. However, as there was so much adhesive, we did need to wipe some of this off at the end (we used Eucalyptus oil – which is a natural product so doesn’t affect your hands)

So hopefully you avoid getting parking notices in the future and if you get one of these big, ugly and hard to remove parking infringements stickers, then you know where to go to get the tool to remove it. (there is even a video of seeing the Wonder Wheel in action)

Safe parking