Before you read any further, I have to admit, we have not received the feedback from the customer to how our product worked in removing a decal from the plane.

Apparently these days, even private planes have marketing on the side of them. And when that plane has new owners, that old marketing slogan is no longer needed.

Due to the size of decal, we recommended the Wonder Wheel. This marketing advertisement was about 4 x 2 foot so a single Wonder Wheel would do the job.

Now most planes are painted with a high quality grade paint so we were comfortable that removing the decal would be fine. We did caution the guy who was removing the decal not to use any man-made / or flammable adhesive removers on the job, due to the strict levels of safety in the aviation industry. We recommended he use some naturally produced eucalyptus oil to remove any adhesive left on after the decal was removed.

So hopefully we have another happy customer and a fresh looking plane, free of decals.