This week I received a call about how to remove decals from an airplane, actually two aeroplanes…. I had never thought that planes need decals or stickers removed.
From the phone call, I have found out that older planes or sometimes private planes often have the name of plane across the side of them. They also have the number of the aeroplane displayed on the side of the plane by the use of stickers.
In this case, the number of the aeroplane had to be removed. Each letter was about 12 inches tall and a 6 inches wide (and there are alot of letters). The chap who had to remove these large vinyl letters (decals) called me and asked would the Wonder Wheel work as the decals had been baked on and were atleast 10 years old. The heat gun was not working and he was running out of fingers nails…. The other key point was he could not damage the paint so a metal scraper was not appropriate.
The good news, within 10 minutes of applying the Wonder Wheel he had started removing the letters on the side of the plane. Actually as it was such a big job he has already ordered another 2 more Wheels to finish the job off.
So if you have a plane or aircraft that needs decals or stickers removed from (and you can not damage the paint), the Wonder Wheel will do the job