It seems that pretty much all removalist trucks have big decals or advertising stickers on the side of the truck.

When these trucks are sold (and yes a few of them do get sold and not driven until they stop) they sometimes need the decals removed.

From experience, most of these decals have been on the side of the trucks for years. Often more than 10 years and baked on very hard.

The Wonder Wheel works well in removing these and is suited to the job as most of the time these decals are quite large.

The common outcome is the decal is removed (and the adhesive if use a common degreaser) though there is often a ‘shadow’ left around the decal. This is not a shadow. It’s where the paint around the decal has faded and the paint under the decal still looks fresh.

So if you buy and old truck and remove a decal, there maybe a slight ‘shadow’ left on the side of the truck