It’s only 2 days until Christmas and yesterday afternoon I caught a bus that was covered in Christmas decorations.


The whole inside of the bus was covered in tinsel, the driver a Santa’s hat on and most of the outside of the bus was covered in Christmas decorations… It looked pretty cool.However, even being caught up in the Christmas spirit, my first thought was whether the bus driver who had decorated his bus, knew how he would remove all those decals!


Anyway, I got speaking to the driver and being curious, brought up the question about the stickers and how they were going to be removed. He thought the Bus cleaning department would take care of it and hadn’t given it much thought. After I explained how much effort could be involved in removing these decals (and lost fingers nail if they didnt have the right tools) he started to loss some of his Christmas jeer.


So being Christmas, I thought I would help him out and plan on sending a free Wonder Wheel and Blade to the cleaning guys so come post 25 December, they will have an easy job in removing the decals

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays