This morning I received a call from a customer who purchased a Wonder Blade and Wheel – I had clarify that the Wonder Blades are double edged (i.e. reversable).
Anyway, I did not realise until I finished the phone call, that most car detailers and spray painters need to remove pinstriping from cars. When a car comes in for a new colour, respray or new pinstrips (decals) need to be added, the prior pinstrips need to be taken off.
This chap was very happy with the product because he could use the Wonder Wheel for big pinstrips jobs and also most of the adhesive was also removed. He thought the Wonder Wheel was much better at removing decals (especially baked on or old decals), though he thought the plastic Wonder blade would be good for smaller areas such as windows, rear view and side mirrors or more delicate areas where pinstrips and stickers had to be removed.
So he was happy and know I know a lot more about the pin striping business