A common question I receive is from new Boat owners who want to remove the old decal from the side of the boat….
Most Boats are made from fiberglass so you have to be careful not to damage the surface. Hence using metal razor blades is not an option as fiberglass is easily damaged.
We have had several customers order the Wonder Wheel to remove boat decals as the soft rubber wheel doesn’t damage the surface. However, one customer said a small brown mark was left on the haul as he used too much pressure. The mark was removed by rubbing on some cutting polish.
Some people have used the plastic razor blade, though normal Boat stickers are quite old and baked on firmly. This means you need a product that wears away the decal, rather than peeling it off. We find that once decals are on the surface for more than 3 – 5 years, that don’t really peel off. Hence you need a product that wears it away – we suggest the Wonder Wheel