Have you or maybe a friend, returned to your car and a big thick warning sticker is plastered across the car window?

These stickers are usually atleast 8 x 10 inches and made of very thick sticker material and stuck on with lots of glue. (the reason they do this is so it’s really hard to remove)

This happened to a friend of mine when they parked overnight in a parking lot. The owners did not have the authority to give a parking fine, so they stick a really big sticker on the passenger window. The sticker said they were not allowed to park there overnight.
These stickers are not your normal type of sticker. They use a different compound which is thicker (similar to reflective stickers) and hence hard to remove. Using any sort of blade (if metal if on the glass) is very slow work and a heat gun is also slow due to the thickness of the material.
We recommend the Wonder Wheel as this will wear away the sticker. It does take longer than a normal decal, though the Wonder Wheel will remove the decal.
The downside of these big stickers is also the amount of glue or adhesive they use. Usually a Wonder Wheel removes a lot of the adhesive though in this case we recommend a citrus degreaser. These can be bought from your local supermarket and the bonus is they leave a pleasant lemon smell.