After the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) I noticed an increase in small businesses going out of business – never a good thing.
The good thing now, almost 2.5 years later is that these small businesses are re-opening and a lot doing really well.

What this does mean is shop owners need to remove the old advertising and marketing stickers from the shop windows. As a lot of the advertising is on glass, then you can you metal razor blades to remove the decals. (Though please be careful as they are very sharp and easy to cut yourself).

For other areas in your business that need decals removed such as on the front counter, walls or wooden areas, we don’t recommend the metal razor blade – it’s just too easy to scratch and damage the surface.
For these area’s we recommend:
1) Wooden areas or walls with wall paper: Wonder Blade (the blade is made of plastic so won’t damage the surface)
2) Front counter or large window areas: Wonder Wheel (it’s made of soft rubber and really takes of the decal or sticker quickly. Note: please always test in small section first to test how the surface re-acts)
I look forward to seeing more of these businesses continue to grow and we always welcome your feedback.