When people restore an old truck, such as a F150, often it needs a lot of work done to it. We find that some of the older restoration jobs do have decals on them.

As they are older vehicles, the decals are even older. Often baked on for some 15 years (as a recent customer told us).

For jobs like these, we recommend the Wonder Wheel. The Wonder Blade is not suitable due to not being strong enough to remove such an old decal. Metal Razor blades can work, though due to the surface size of the blade, take far too long and there is a good chance of cutting yourself (due to the pressure that needs to be applied).

So for car or truck restoration jobs that have very old, baked on and hard to remove decals (stickers) we recommend the Wonder Wheel.

P.S – if there is any residue or adhesive that needs to be removed, we recommend a Citrus degreaser. This won’t damage the surface and is great for removing and goo or adhesive. Auto-centres stock this product and some supermarkets. It costs $5 – 10 / bottle. One bottle will do most jobs