Living in a hot climate country, I have never ridden a snowmobile (… I have only been to the snow 5 times in my life). That doesn’t mean I don’t get asked questions about removing decals (stickers) from snowmobiles.

So if the snowmobile has a metal or aluminium petrol tank (assuming that is the area where the decal needs to be removed) and the paint job is factory finish, then we can recommend the Wonder Wheel. This will wear away the decal and make the job very easy.

Note: if you want to remove a decal from a surface that is made of plastic, I would recommend the Wonder Blade.

As the Wonder Wheel wears away the decal, it’s possible to leave a slight mark on the plastic surface. Hence we recommend the Wonder Blade for plastic or small areas. The Wonder Blade is made of plastic so won’t scratch or damage the surface

A video demonstration of the Wonder Wheel in action can be found at

Enjoy the snow

(Caution: we strongly recommend against using metal razor blades on plastic or painted surfaces as can easily damage the surface. Not to mention being dangerous in terms of cutting yourself)