The most common question I get asked is “How do I remove decal from my vehicle” and that can be a car, truck, bus, SUW, 4WD and anything with 4 wheels.

My answer: “Depends on the decal”.

For any small decals that are stuck on glass, I recommend the Wonder Blade. It’s safe, easy to use (as it’s made of plastic) and does not require a drill. The downside is that it’s only good for small area’s

For large decals or any decal that have been baked on by the sun (including smaller decals), then I recommend the Wonder Wheel. It connects to any standard drill and is the best tool I have used for removing old and large decals.

The reason it works so well is due to it wearing away the decal, rather than trying to peel it off. Baked on decals usually can’t be peeled off as the adhesive has fused to the surface. Hence products that wear away the decal work the best on old decals.