Below is an email I received from Jim who thought the Wonder Wheel was a “Great Product!”. In his situation, the decal sticker had been on the car for 21 years and was asking how to remove the goo left over (usually the Wonder Wheel removes the goo, but if its 21 years old, then it can be hard to get off).

I replied to Jim and recommended he use a citrus degreaser that you can get from a local hardware or sometimes supermarket. These are usually more powerful than the standard goo remover…. just check the labelling before using that the citrus degreaser can be used on painted surfaces – 99% of the time it’s fine

*** email from Jim ***
Hi, Peter. Wheels arrived today. Worked like a charm. 21 years of desert sun did it work. I think the decal is off but the underlying glue is a beast. Any suggestions as hpw to get it off without taking the paint? Goof-Off? Bug and tar remover? Hammer and chissel? I have matching replacement decals so maybe it doesn’t really matter?

Great product!


All the best