I started using the Wonder Wheel as previously spent too much time scraping and peeling crusty, sticky decals and stickers (from my retail shop and car). I have scraped advertising stickers and banners off my car in the past with a knife and blade, constantly worrying if I would damage the paint or scratch the window. The chore was tedious and the results were disappointing.

Ending the task off by scrubbing with Windex and or Goo remover only got an average result, after all of the effort and time involved. However, this has changed now that I use the Wonder wheel.

I also manage a retail store and the time involved in removing various decals from the front window can generally range from minutes to hours depending on the type of decal. Since I purchased the Wonder Wheel and Blade the decals easily come off. This product works.


*** I asked Shireen to write me her thoughts on the Wonder Wheel after using it at her shop and on her car. ***