I recently had an enquiry about an issue in Malaysia where Decals and stickers are stuck on public property.

The stickers are advertisements by loan sharks to offer loans to people. The local councils are trying to find a solution to this problem. They are looking at:

a) how to remove the decals
b) how to stop the decals being put back on the property once removed

We are 100% confident that the Wonder Wheel is the fastest way to remove these decals from the public property such as street signs, phone booths and other public property.

The question about how to stop the decals being re-applied, is where we don’t have a solution yet.

If you have any idea’s about how to the stop the decals being stuck by on once they are removed, please let me know….. even if your idea is outside of using solvents or other substances to stop decals being re-applied (maybe they need 24 hour security to protect the Malaysian public property from decal vandals….. or maybe that’s a step to far).

Love to hear your thoughts (peter@pacificwebb.com.au)