The secret ingredient that is naturally made and user friendly to hands to remove goo and adhesive that is available from most supermarkets is…..

It’s eucalyptus oil.

It’s a natural oil from the Eucalyptus tree and has a pleasant smell and works very well. We recommend this as some adhesive chemicals can affect people’s hands and has cause allergic re-actions.

The great thing about eucalyptus oil is that it can be used on virtually all surfaces without damaging the surface.

If you are after a stronger, man made chemical, the alternative is Citrus Degreaser. It’s works similar to Eucalyptus oil, though you need to check the surface first as Citrus Degreaser can damage surfaces such as plastic. You also need to check it’s use on your hands, as some people have allergic reactions to Citrus Degreasers

If you are removing left over adhesive and putting on a new sticker, remember to thoroughly clean the surface with soapy water. If you leave any Eucalyptus or Citrus degreaser on the surface, the new decal will not stick properly.

FYI – if you use a Wonder Wheel to remove a decal, it will take away alot of the adhesive as strips away the decal and at the sametime, strips away alot of the adhesive

We are really here to help people with making the job of removing stickers, decals or vinyl lettering easy. If you would like further information about Decal removal or order a Wonder Product, visit (order form at the bottom of the page)

As a bonus, if you fill out our 3 questions decal survey, we will send you an extra White Wonder blade valued at $19.90 for Free when you order any product within the next 24 hours.  Just drop us an email at with subject line “Free blade”, after you have placed your order.


Peter Nobbs

“Chief “Decal Remover” Officer

P.S – We have included a few customer email feedbacks to get their view

Ron – Western Australia, Australia

“Hi Peter,just letting you know the above arrived on Friday and put it to use straight away,what a blessing to buy something that really works!!!!! Probably only took 5 min to remove the decals (metallic) on my boat,thanks for the product,what else do you have!!!! Cheers and thanks””