We thought you would like to know the Blue Print to Removing Decals and Stickers… well here it is.

There are many approaches to removing Decals and Stickers. Some are fast that make the job easy and some take a long time and frustrating

Today we will go through all the approaches and outline what works the best…

Before we start, our goal at www.decalstickerremover.com is to try and solve our customers Decal problems so if you have any questions about removing decals, stickers or adhesive, please let us know so we can help – peter@pacificwebb.com.au

The 5 tools to remove Decals are:

1)     Metal razor blades – be careful with your fingers

2)     Wonder Wheel – by far the best best tool we have used

3)     Adhesive removers – good for cleaning up the surface once the decal has been removed

4)     Heat gun – does works, though not on old Decals

5)     Plastic razor blades – great for small areas

1)     Metal razor blades

Metal razor blades should NEVER be used on painted surfaces. There is a strong chance that you will scratch the painted surface and that leads to alot of other issues – respraying a painted surface can be very expensive.

Using a metal razor blade should be strictly limited to glass areas. To remove small shop window stickers, you could use a metal blade, though only if it has a case holder for the blade.

If you are using a metal blade without a case holder to protect your fingers, it is very easy to cut yourself. (and if you have employees, there is the potential for litigation against you)

I would stay away from Metal blades in general, mainly due to the risk of cutting yourself and it’s limited use to glass surfaces

2)     Wonder Wheel

The fastest way to remove decals, especially for large old baked on Decals, is with the Wonder Wheel.

It’s work by wearing away the decal so  it quickly strips the decal off the surface – hence why it’s so fast. As its made of soft rubber, it does not affect the surface and can be used on painted surfaces (if using on plastic, always test on a small area first)

The Wonder Wheel is definitely the fastest way to remove large and very old decals. It is the stand-out product in the market place for removing decals quickly and easily

The bonus of using the Wonder Wheel is that it also takes off most of the adhesive aswell. It’s like a 2 in 1 product – removes the Decal and most of the adhesive

The best way to see how the Wonder Wheel works is via a video demonstration

Wonder Wheel

3)     Adhesive removers

Adhesive removers are great for removing the goo or adhesive that is sometimes left on the surface once a decal has been removed. However, adhesive removals do not work very well at removing the actual decal.

The reason adhesive removers struggle to remove the decal, is that it can’t penetrate the decal to break down the adhesive that bonds the Decal to the surface.

We recommend adhesive removers to clean up the surface once the Decal has been removed. It works very well and removing any adhesive or goo left on the surface.

There are two options when it comes to using an adhesive remover. A natural made or man made (chemical) products. We find the man made products work slightly better, though have the negative drawback, that some people have an allergic reaction to them. Anyway, we will let you choose.

1)     Natural product: Eucalyptus oil, a great hand friendly product with a pleasant smell that is available from most supermarkets. Easy to apply and no issues with allergic reactions with the hands

2)     Man made product: Citrus degreaser, a stronger product, though some people have an allergic re-action (red or rash on hands) due to the stronger chemical make up of the product.

Both of the above work well at removing goo once a decal has been removed

Citrus Degreaser                                    Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

4)     Heat gun

The heat gun works by raising the surface temperature and dissolving the adhesive that sometimes allows for the Decal to be removed. It turns the adhesive into a goo like texture and means the decal can be attempted to be removed.

The heat gun works better for newer decals, though once a decals gets over 1 or 2 years old, the adhesive molecular structure changes. The change means the adhesive binds to the decal so the heat gun doesn’t work very well.

If you use the Heat gun to remove a newer decal, make sure you have an adhesive remover as the Heat gun does mean goo is left on the surface.

Note: never use the Heat gun on plastic surfaces as can melt the plastic or distort the shape

Heat gun

5)     Plastic razor blades

Now this may sound like a strange product, though Plastic razor blades do exist. They have an edge like a metal razor blades, though as made of plastic. tt won’t scratch the surface or cut your hands – brilliant invention

Now plastic razor blades are great for small areas or tight areas where Decals need to be removed. Examples are car registrations, boat decals, stickers on motorcycle gas tanks, helmets and even food packaging.

The way the plastic razor blade works, is by getting underneath the edge of the decal and peeling it off. It really saves your fingernails and trying to pick off a decal with fingernails just doesn’t work

(See video footage of a Plastic Wonder blade working)


From our experience and feedback, the Wonder Wheel is the clear winner in being the fastest and easier way to remove decals and stickers.

We are here to support you in making the job of removing stickers, decals or vinyl lettering easy. If you would like further information about Decal removal or order a Wonder Product, visit www.decalstickerremover.com

Peter Nobbs

“Chief “Decal Remover” Officer

P.S – We have included a couple of customers email feedbacks to get their view

Ron – Western Australia, Australia

“Hi Peter,just letting you know the above arrived on Friday and put it to use straight away,what a blessing to buy something that really works!!!!! Probably only took 5 min to remove the decals (metallic) on my boat,thanks for the product,what else do you have!!!! Cheers and thanks””


Craig – Oregan, USA

Man, the two came in today and i wasted no time hooking the first unit up to the drill. I’ll say this, i removed 60% of the decal in about 30 minutes.

The darn thing was amazing. I’ll finish up tomorrow. Another thing, i was a little worried about what it would do to the paint, but there as absolutely no damage whatsoever, and it actually gave it a little big of a shine – really.

Hey, the paint shop was going to charge me about $250 labor. I’ll have it done in less than an hour for $50. Glad i found you online Peter. Thanks.

ps – i rarely send these types of positive emails, but this thing is that darn good. Later”