Last week I received a query from a customer who used a propane gas burner to take off Decals…..?

What the heck. Wouldn’t a high temperature gas torch using propane gas just burn your paint job or melt the plastic? Well that’s what I thought.

Once he explained to me the way it worked, it started to make a little sense.

The gas torch would be kept about 1 foot away from the surface to heat the decal and cause the adhesive to loosen. Then he would peel away the Decal with his finger nails.

What is the point of this is – well this guy has to take Decals off 53 foot long truck trailers all day long and wanted to know if there was a quicker way of doing it.

I suggested he could try the Wonder Wheel as his current approach has a few health and safety (no-one wants to come home from work with burnt fingers).

So in a few days, I should be getting the feedback – and hopefully this way he will avoid getting burnt or burning the side of the truck.

He also told me a about the bumper sticker he has on the back of his truck – when the trailer is not attached….. it always gets a few strange looks