Do you own a boat or about to purchase a second hand boat that has a registration number and a name you wish to change? Some people put funny names on their boats. Saw one only last week, “Mums Worry!”  I presume at some stage that the decal or sticker boat registration number and perhaps name will need to be removed!

Well the good news is that there is a solution to remove the vinyl boat registration number….

First of all you need to determine whether the registration number or name is a decal (i.e. like sticker) or painted on. If it’s a decal, then you’re in luck – we have the answer for you.

FYI – decals are made from vinyl film and stuck on using an adhesive that is on the back of the vinyl film. As the decals on the boat are often sprayed by salt water plus the effect of the sun, peeling them off by hand is very difficult (and most likely to result in losing your fingernails). Worst is the sun as this actually hardens and bakes the decals on to the surface. We have seen cases where the decal is almost fused onto the surface.

What we recommend in these situations is to use a Wonder Wheel. The Wonder Wheel is made from soft rubber and works by wearing away the boat decal registration number, an amazing feature.

It’s really easy to use – Insert the wonder wheel metal shaft into the chuck of a home handyman power drill and rub the decal moving all the time over the surface, do not keep it stopped in one spot , a backward and forward motion is all that is needed and depending on the size of your decal it will be gone in minutes.

As always check the surface of where the decals have been applied  to ensure no one has previously used a cheap inferior paint or surface covering. To do this select an area out of sight or in an area that will not be noticed and apply the Wonder Wheel with the same pressure as on the instructions and this will show you how durable and good the surface is.