When selling  any kind of auto whether it be a car, motorcycle, van, pickup, truck or motor home, the object is to get that vehicle presentable and pristine.


Many folk do a great job, polishing, cleaning, getting the interior spotless, steam cleaning the engine and getting it back to showroom condition. However the always seems to be an oversight and that decals and stickers have not been removed.


A bumper sticker with something like, “I love football” does take a little away from all the hard work you have done. But worst of all are political statements or statements regarding politicians for example ” Vote for Hank Jones and your  vote will be for the*******Party”. Your potential buyer might not like the “******* Party”.


There are also parking stickers, entry permits and the kids could have been putting their stickers on too. These will all detract from your carefully detailed and prepared auto.


Want to know how to get rid of them? The Wonder Wheel, can be used on bumpers, car body paint and glass windows to get rid of those distracting and ugly decals and stickers. You will be doing yourself a favour when selling your auto.