Ever purchased a second hand van, truck or commercial vehicle that has been covered with vinyl graphics and lettering? Generally people take this kind of vehicle to a sign company and ask for a quote to do a complete removal. Depending on the coverage you can be quoted many hundreds of dollars. You can do this cheap as chips if you do it yourself using a Blaster Wonder Wheel. (That is the way many sign companies do it but they will not tell you their secret cheap way of doing it!)


Generally when an auto dealer sells a commercial vehicle, auto, wagon, van, pickup or truck he will have all the graphics, decals and stickers removed by an auto detailer or sign shop. By doing this he has a ready saleable product. If the decals or stickers remain there is always hesitation by a potential buyer not to buy for two reasons, firstly, he does not want someone else’s name or product to be on his “new” vehicle, secondly, he may not know where or how these graphics, sticker or decals can be removed.


Generally if the vehicle is being sold privately the vendor himself may not even know how to remove them. Here you are at an advantage because you know about the Wonder Wheel and how quickly and effortlessly you can do it and save a lot of money. You can tell him you will have to go to a sign shop or motor detailer and the usual charge, depending on the amount of graphics to be removed can vary between $100 and $300, even more if it is a large covered truck. By doing this you can lower his asking price You can do this by yourself for the price of a Wonder Wheel and save one heck of a lot of money. So you win, thanks to Wonder Wheel!