Am sure you must be thinking “What does Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing have to do  with decals and stickers?” The answer is interesting.

I have loved riding motorcycles ever since purchasing a second hand 1954 Lambretta 150cc motor scooter in 1958 and this started a passion (or rather disease) that has lasted 54 years and I now ride a 500cc Gilera Fuoco. So great is this passion that I have ridden a motorcycle over the highest road in the world topping 18380 feet in the Indian Himalayas close to the Chinese border.  Next was riding my own Harley Davidson across the USA from coast to coast and north to south from Canada to Mexico. Next big ride was 3500 kilometres  through Bolivia, Chile and Peru and lastly 3000 kilometres through Mongolia on a Russian motorcycle.

During these rides have  broken down in the high Andes, fallen off many times in Mongolia in the deserts due to the sand, spent many days very cold, wet and hungry and also baked in the heat.

Highest road in the world

Highest road in the world

But back to Grand Prix racing. This is an ultra competitive sport and the manufacturers who win can look forward to greater sales. The majority of the motorcycles are designed and built in Japan, Italy, Germany and England.

The streamlined fairing on these motorcycles are covered with advertising decals and stickers generally  for products associated with the vehicle, petrol oils, tyres etc and of course the sponsors.

As the competition moves from country to country (and there are 18 meetings in 14 different countries between April and November this year), that means there will almost a full be a need for full time person to remove and apply new decals and stickers. I have repaired and restored many motorcycles and have always thought it would be a dream to be part of a pit crew or mechanic in a racing crew, but facing reality I think the only job I could get would be removing decals with a wonder wheel and applying the new ones (if I was lucky!).