Had to take my two children to a friend’s house two weekends ago for a fourth birthday party for one of his boys as all the children attend the same preschool. The kids had a great time in the cubby house and riding toys plus all the usual party games and of course “the kids’ banquet” and birthday cake.

The favourite ride was a red “Wiggles” car. It has an electric motor drive, very slow really, not a racing car but almost walking speed. The children loved it and Andrew our host said his children never tire of it. The great thing about it is the child can drive it as it has an accelerator on the floor just like a real car or an adult can guide and drive it by a small radio control unit just like radio controlled toy aeroplanes and cars use.

There are decals and stickers all over it for decorative purposes and they are brightly colored. They have had this car for about 18 months and because it is used all the time the decals and stickers are looking “a little bit second hand” due to being scraped, trodden on, rubbed and cracked.  Andrew said he would love to replace these  as he could buy a set of new ones  but already he had tried to remove some of the existing decals but was unsuccessful and if he did do it would take a long time.

I told him about the Wonder Wheel and that it could remove them ever so quickly and I had a spare at home and could bring it over one night during the week. So Tuesday night I returned to his house with a Wonder wheel and cordless drill. Unfortunately the attached photo was taken with the old stickers on and due to the camera angle you cannot see all the stickers as I took it with my son, Nicholas in it at the time of the party.

It took less than 15 minutes to remove 15 decals and the wonderful thing is that although the car is made from molded or blown plastic it did not mark or damage this. Andrew and his wife were amazed and apparently it took a considerable time longer to put the new sticker set on.

Fifteen decals on this little car, not all visible in this photo.

Fifteen decals on this little car, not all visible in this photo.