I have been struggling to remove some stickers from my motorhome, and I couldn’t believe that no-one has done anything specific for it then I found your website.
However I decided  that I would just carry on and use the hairdryer and fingernail solution, (how hard could it be?) but after another few hours I have given up and bitten the bullet. I ordered a wheel and scrapers from your website a few minutes ago!
I have attached a photo of the motorhome. The stickers on the cab were easy enough to remove, but the stickers on the sides of the habitation have proved to be difficult, I think the aluminium sidings have reacted differently to the glue. In addition to this the pale blue decals are even worse as they don’t stretch when you heat and pull them off they just break (different decal material?) I guess they have been on there over 13 years.
Do you see any potential problems?


No doubt many of you reading this have had the same problem or a similar one and you also have spent long hours with a hot air gun and worn your finger nails down to the skin on the top of your fingers.

I know that when our enquirer receives his Wonder Wheel he is going to be ever so delighted and happy how quickly he can do this job in a fraction of the time even though they have been on the vehicle for 13 years. Believe me I was in the sign industry for almost 25 years and without the Wonder Wheel life was hell and we had to charge customers time to take the old signs off before we could lay down the new signs.  I will definitely be in touch with the gentleman above and let you know how he enjoyed getting the old vinyl off which is no longer a difficult task.