I had an enquiry the other day to remove a massive decal from a factory sign.

The company produces glass and had recently re-painted the factory, I presume, to look smarter. (and yes, the business looks very professional now).

The reason I was surprised I had an enquiry from them, is that they produce glass…. and glass often has decals on them. The reason they didn’t know how to remove the decal is they produce the glass and are not involved in the cleaning of glass that can sometime have decals on it.

Anyway, there sign is about 30 foot wide and they had gotten the office jnr to try and remove the massive sign with metal razor blade, heat guns or factory kitchen cleaner. The result, they didnt work that well.

Hence I sent them a demo wheel as I knew they would need a few and guess what, they loved it…..

Below picture is not of the factory sign deacl, that a picture I saw the other week…. a big decal