Last week I had a call from a Chase who is starting up his own decal removal business in LA.

He was an energised entrepreneur with lots of get up and go about his new venture. His business proposal was to remove decals from cars and trailers at half the price of his competition…. Now that is something.

I was impressed by Chase’s attitude.

Now for Chase decal removal business to thrive, he needs a way to remove the decals much faster than what his competition does. That way he will start mark a similar margin per job as he is removing the decals twice as fast.

This is where the Wonder Wheel comes in – Chase believes he will be able to cut his job rate in half because of the time he saves using the fastest way to remove decals…. The Wonder Wheel.

I agree and last week Chase was sent over some Wheels so he could test his theory and start growing his business.

The reason I tell this story was how impressed I was with Chase’s attitude. He found a market, looked at how he could do it better than his competition, then executed on his plan

decal entrepreneur los angeles

decal entrepreneur los angeles










P.S – Chase, in-case I get any enquiries I get about using your service, I’ll pass on your details

P.P.S – if you have any decal or sticker removal questions, please email me as we always happy to help people remove decals faster