An American past time love is touring the country in a RV Motorhome.

After many years of working, the fortunate couples who have worked hard for their retirement, often buy a Motorhome and tour the USA…. And you can see why with the amazing sights of the Rocky’s, Grand Canyon, and so many historic tours.

I have found over the last few months and maybe it because we are moving towards the summer, I have been receiving enquiries to remove decal strips and stickers from RV motorhomes (campervans).

Couples sometimes buy a RV motorhome that is second hand and some of the older styles campervans have large decals or stripes down the side of the van that need to be removed

Due to the size of them, and often because they have been baked on by the sun, they are hard to remove.

To remove these, I recommend the wonder wheel and recently have had some excellent feedback with the use. One recently happy customer wrote to me saying

“thanks for inviting the Wonder wheel. I ended up buying 3 of them and now have a motorhome that looks brand new”

RV Motor Home - Decals to be removed before touring USA

RV Motor Home - Decals to be removed before touring USA

Happy travelling


P.S – I didn’t invent the wonder wheel, though appreciate the compliment