I am absolutely amazed! There literally dozens and dozens of corporations, companies, businesses and Mom and Pop organisations on the internet advertising that they are in the business of manufacturing decals and stickers from tiny one inch X one inch up to covering the cargo sides on trucks and even buildings. Yet not one of them in their web sites tells or advises how to remove these decals and stickers from objects when their use by date has arrived. I am also amazed at the number of different materials decals and stickers are manufactured from, paper, vinyl, metallic gold and silver, reflective, clear vinyl, dome (3D), the list is long.

I then checked in some blogs and once again was amazed because there were so many people asking how to safely remove decals and stickers off cars, trucks, motor cycles, windows, machinery, earth moving equipment and so many more but at the top of the list were motor vehicles and trucks. This must be one of the best kept secrets in the decal and sticker industry. I have had over 25 years in the sign industry and it had always been a problem until I found the answer. One of the toughest nuts I have ever had to crack is how to remove security signs, I mean the small plates affixed to some types of expensive vehicles and machinery, they have a simulated metal face but if you ever try to remove them they break into tiny parts and will not come off with a hot air gun. There is only one way to remove these and that is with the best kept secret in the sign industry. It is called the” Wonder Wheel” and I have personally been using this for the last six years and it certainly has made my life easy. It is ever so easy to use, all you need is an electric drill and the “Wonder wheel”  fits into the chuck.  I have taken pin striping off cars in minutes and I don’t have to wear out my finger nail in the process. It is fascinating how and where and different types of decals and stickers it will remove butI have said enough, if you are interested go to their  web site


A Wonder Wheel, simple isn't it?