This is a true story that came to us from the motor vehicle detailer in this story.

A small corporation had a number of vehicles, amongst them was a  bright red pickup that had been used for deliveries and general running around and had a beautiful job of decals/stickers on it in bright vinyl colours advertising the company and their products. It was truly a credit to the sign company that had originally decorated it four years previously. Although it had been carefully maintained and serviced it was really putting on the miles so the company decided it was time to replace it.

It was given to a company of detailers who prepared cars for resale who really knew how to make it like new again by pressure hosing the engine to remove all grease and oil stains, spruce up the interior upholstery and trim, make the tyres and wheels like new and make the whole car spotless and extremely presentable. This also include  removing all decals and stickers and any adhesive remaining and then polishing the paint work till you could almost see your face in it. I am always truly amazed with what detailers can do to a vehicle as it really increases the resale value.

The first job was to remove the decals and stickers and this was given to a brand new employee who it appears he wasn’t to bright, I suppose another way of saying it was that he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the tool box. He was shown the usual very slow process of a hot air gun. It seemed this was too slow for him so he thought a razor blade would speed the process up, well it did but it also cut through the paint creating an unbelievable amount of damage by exposing small patches of the undercoat and in some areas through to the metal.

The end result was the vehicle had to rubbed back, undercoated and completely resprayed again costing the detailers one hell of a lot of money and the new employee was forced to find a new career path.

As the saying goes, “Once bitten, twice shy”, the detailer is now using Wonder Wheels to remove any decals and stickers, as he said to us, “Much safer, much better, much quicker”.

Decal scratched car

Example of what can happen - Scratched car