It must be the season changing as it appears a lot of people are taking out the RV, getting it ready for summer holidays

This week I’ve had a couple enquiries from men who have been told from their wives that they need to clean up the motorhome before they take it touring for the summer.

And you know what “cleaning” the RV means? Removing those old decals that have been stuck on for years.

The biggest surprise for me, is not that so many wives are asking their husbands to take of these decals, rather the size of the motorhomes…. Some of them are massive

Taking decals off a 30 foot RV is not a quick job. That’s why you want the fastest and easiest way to take those decals off. Otherwise a 4 hour job could turn in a few weekends worth of work.

What we suggest for the really big RV’s is the wonder wheel. It works by stripping away the decal and is the fastest way we have found to remove those big decals from RV’s.

For any adhesive or glue left over, you can try some citrus degreaser that works great as a general cleaning agent and removing any left over glue

So for this summer, hopefully you can take out the RV Campervan and get to see some of the magnificent sites in the USA.



P.S – and if you use the Wonder Wheel, you will save yourself a lot of time and keep the Mrs happy by having a clean motor home that is decal free

RV Campervan Remove Decal

RV Campervan Remove Decal


RV Campervan New Decals that don't need removing

RV Campervan New Decals that don't need removing